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Hi, you don't know me, but I'm a friend of your cousin Courtney and her husband Jason. I sing and play on the worship team with Jason at our church. As it has many people, yours and Jen's story has deeply touched my heart and I don't even know you. Your family has been a serious matter of prayer for me since December. I've read your whole blog and have tried to place myself in your shoes. I can't imagine losing my husband, esp. since we also have two little girls similar ages to your own. But I know that God gave Jen as a mother to Emma and Peighton for a very special reason and that her influence on their lives will be far-reaching and powerful. I believe they will remember their mother even as young as they are and that they will become wonderful women of God that she will be proud to look down upon. I know that because God has placed you as their earthly father and has equipped you for this task. He will provide for your every need, physical, emotional, and spiritual. You are doing a terrific job and are not alone, because he is there guiding you and giving you strength to press on. You're in our prayers continually.


p.s. Don't stress over not doing a good job folding laundry. I think my husband would be lost trying to do it as well as me. Jen will probably be smiling and laughing down on you as you do it. :)


Laundry is no fun...I turn everything blue...I just received a bunch of bracelets my husband ordered for me, he knew I checked your blog. A friend of mine went to H.S. with your wife. Keep your chin up and try not to feel alone, there are many who care about you guys:)


I understand and feel your grief and loneliness. I, too, still have trouble at the grocery store because I still think Bob will be on the other aisle calling from his cell phone, reminding me to pick up some milk or bread. He was always funny like that.
I also, like you, deeply felt Jen's absence today, but I had the privilege to spend the last two days with your precious daughters. Their smiles, their laughter, their hugs, their tears are all because you and Jen shared a love that produced two wonderful daughters. Yesterday as it rained, for a brief time, the sun shone brightly. Emma looked out the kitchen window and said "Thank you mommy for the sunshine." We also looked out the front door to a spectacular view of double rainbows. I had to think Jen sent one for Emma and one for Peighton.
Emma also wondered if her mommy sent the rain...was she crying? I told her no mommy wasn't crying, the rain was the beginning of spring, for new beginnings and growth.
As we all learn to live our lives without Jen here on this earth, I pray for continued strength, continued prayers, and the ability to look for the signs Jen is giving us.
Chris, I dearly love you, Emma and Peighton and I will do everything I can to help you raise your daughters the way my daughter would, if she were here.
Much love,


Hi, Chris!
I am another one of the seemingly hundreds of people who you don't even know, but have become deeply touched through the courageous journey you and Jen have walked for the past year and a few months. I too have been deeply moved by your story and have read every single entry in your blog. You are a wonderful writer and have such a way with words that you captivate your readers and make them look forward to each additional entry.

Although I didn't know Jen, I knew her mother many years ago when I was the long time babysitter and friend of a family that she was very close with. Jordan was good friends with one of the boys in the family and on several occasions was there while I was babysitting. I have been a long time member of the St. John's community as well and currently have three children who attend school there. They too have been touched by Jen's life as they have prayed in their classrooms for her many times throughout her illness and participated in fundraising activities at the school for her foundation....what a wonderful thing you have created!

I am intrigued by your story and courage and although I know there are no words that can make it better or take away your pain, please know that there are so many people out there who are thinking of you and praying for your family. Your daughters are beautiful and are a true reflection of the love you and Jen shared.

Hang in there and thanks for sharing a part of your life with the rest of us!

Jennifer Teegarden MD


Sending you, Emma, Peighton & all of Jen's family continued prayers for strength and grace as you face each new day. May God continue to bless you & your remarkable family.


Daphne in Alabama

I am another you don't know. I came across Jen's blog through a scrapbook website. I follow your blog and feel like I "really" know you and your entire family.

Continued prayers to you all. Your a strong man and God Bless You ALL.

Your new addition is precious! Fits in well with your precious little girls!!

I hope you have a great week.

Carol - from Brazil

Hello, Chris,

I am another person you don´t know. I came across your site through another one. I am a Brazilian mother and wife who is deeply touched by the things written here and by your strength to carry on.
I can only imagine what it´s like to go through the loss of a loved partner, specially when children are involved. I have a two-year-old little boy who is my EVERYTHING, and a husband who is my habor, and I pray we´ll have a long journey together here, but we never know... But God knows everything. I am sure God gave the two precious girls for you and Jen because He knows you´re the right parents for them, and it doesn´t matter Jen is in Heaven and you are here. You two will always be the best parents they could have.

Keep your head up for them and for Jen.

All best,



Your new kitty is precious. I hope she brings some well deserved smiles to you and the girls.

Your family is still in my thoughts and prayers!


Tiffany in SC

Continued prayers to you all! :)


Grief is not a sign of weakness or a loss of faith. But grief is a price of love...

God Bless

Marissa Brown(Meador)

Hang in there! For you to be able to get through the store was a huge step. I think I would have just left and not been able to finish! We are praying for you everyday. I think of your family often and hope that you can feel the outpouring of love and prayer from the community around you. Just take one step at a time. Focus on one foot in front of the other, we, friends and strangers alike, are here for your family to help in whatever capicity we can. Praying and thinking of you often.

Rylina Danley

Chris, I wish I could take away the pain you and your family are feeling. I don't konw what to say all I know is I continue to check the blog daily...sometimes more then once just to see your pictures once again. Sometimes I feel weird about it...I don't know you guys yet I feel I need to check this site everyday to make sure you are all doing well. It was nice to read a comment from Jan as we are all thinking of her as well. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.

Paulette Clements

I pray that you , your girls, and Jen's Mom can feel all the love and blessings that are being sent your way. Always remember God's promise that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who believe and put their trust in Him. You have certainly done that.
Your sweet family will be together again.

Shawna Lockwood

Chris I have thought of you often the last few weeks wondering if and hopeing that all is well with you. I find myself hopeing to see you at the store just to hug you and share the love of Jesus with you. Now I do not know you nor did I know Jen, but I know Jesus and He said to love your neighbor as you love yourself. And I know that He is more than capable of getting you thru those hard days. I have heard a song on the raido a few times and every time I think of Jen and You and so today I felt led to show the lyrics to you. I hope it brings some peace to you.

Mark Harris - Wish You Were Here
From the album The Line Between The Two

I wanted to tell you how closely I've kept
The memories of you in my heart
And all of the lifetimes that we had to share
Live even though we're apart
But don't cry for me
'Cause I'm finally free
To run with the angels
On streets made of gold
To listen to stories of saints new and old
To worship our Maker
That's where I'll be
When you finally find me

No don't you be weary cause waiting for you
Are wonders that you've never known
Just hold on to Jesus, reach out for his hands
And one day They'll welcome you home
And that's when you'll be
Finally free
Finally free

To run with the angels
On streets made of gold
To listen to stories of saints new and old
to worship our Maker
That's were I'll be
When you finally find me
I wish you were here, I wish you were here

And all of the dreams that you treasure
Will soon come together
And that's when your sorrow will find tomorrow
And you will rise again

To run with the angels
On streets made with gold
To listen to stories of saints new and old
To worship our Maker
Thats were I'll be
When you finally find me

We'll run with the angels on streets made of gold
We'll listen to stories of saints new and old
We'll worship our maker that's where we'll be
When you finally find me

I wish you were here

I know that you know, that Jen is in a better place, and I know that your faith and trust is in Jesus, but as I heard this song it opened a new uderstanding to me and I hope it does for you too. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong in the Lord and in the strength of His Word. God Bless You Chris.

C. Baker

Your mail today really choked me up---I know it must be hard but it sounds like you are doing a great job with everything and of course that is what Jen would want. They say great grief is a result of great love---that is so true.


Hi Chris, we too had a dreary, grey Sunday in Wales but thinking of you all constantly makes me count our blessings. I just hope that in some small way the words and love that are posted through this blog somehow help you through days like these. Good on ya shopping in the bargain section! Jen taught you well! Princess Belle is another beautiful member of the family and her pictures, like the recent ones of Emma and Peighton, brought a smile .... much love to you all and to Jan - as lots of others say - you are in our thoughts daily and I pray that you will have the strength and courage to carry on and take each day as it comes. With much love, Dawn xxx

Amanda True

I wish I could help make things easier for you. I think about you being on your own and how hard that must be. I was actually doing the grocery shopping the other day you popped into my head. I thought of you with the girls trying hard to get through the store with everything you came for. I know it is always a struggle to accomplish that with kids in tow. Often times it's forgotten how hard the smallest task can become. I have no doubt in my mind you will get though this and get a routine down, you are an amazing person. If there is anything I can do to help make things just the slightest bit easier please let me know.

Penny Pine

Chris, I am so happy that you continue to post blogs about how you and the girls are doing. For some reason, that is a huge relief to me to know that life is going on, one day at a time, for all of you. I truly admire how you have handled this, and how you are such a great father to those girls. God Bless you all.


Hi Chris and family,
I am not able to say I know how you feel but I could not even begin to put myself in your place. I commend you for having the strength to go on and carry out the way things should have been for you and your family. You will always have Jen by your side and she will continue to guide you with little signs here and there. I think you are doing a wonderful job and doing the things that Jen did would be difficult as a Stay at home mom I know that my husband would have difficult times also. I will continue to pray for you and your family and you have a wonderful support in Jan. Between the two of you, you will be able to give those girls the life their mom would have wanted for them! You have an amazing strength and continue to do so. Don't worry about not being a "macho" man where the cat is concerned. She is very precious and will forever be your friend. She is a beautiful cat and looks to be very sweet. She will bring tons of laughter and smiles for you and your family.
Prayers to you and the girls,


Just keep taking each day a step at a time. I have been a single mother for the last 7 years so I know the struggles of all of the many things that need to be done and understand how overwhelming it can be. But, you have a great support system of family and friends as I have had. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to say you need a quick break to refuel. I continue to pray for you and your family.

Shanna Ludwig

Chris, Im sorry that you were a little down on sunday. Things will begin to look up just give it time. I know this year will be the toughest one for you because you will have moments that Jen and you shared so special together such as A rainy sunday watching movies, or christmas and thanksgiving dinner with your loving families. Remember God will not put you through something you will not overcome you have the strength and endurance to overcome this. I will pray for you. Once again im sorry you had such a bad day :(

Amanda True

I hope Peighton starts feeling better! It sounds like her cold just won't go away.


I read Jan's comments about the sunshine and rainbow...what great signs from Jen that she is with all of you! I hope that you find peace in knowing she will forever be with you and especially on the days that you feel lonely. Your new kitten is very very cute. She will bring a lot of joy to your family. Cats and all animals can be very consoling. Cats pick up very quickly when you are having a rough time...let this small guardian angel help you through your rough days! Glad that your girls have a new little friend to play with! You will have tons of fun with the addition! You are all in my prayers and thoughts! God Bless!


I'm sorry yesterday was a rough day. I imagine it's the little things, like spending rainy days together that you miss most. Belle is adorable! My husband and I had thought of getting a Bengal several years ago, but ended up going with the Egyptian Mau; which is another beautiful spotted breed. Cats are wonderful companions. They seem to sense when you're down, and do their best to cheer you up. It's funny, they all seem to like to hang out when you're on the computer too. I've had cats most of my life, and they have all wanted to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer. I'm sure Belle will continue to bring joy to your lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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