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your story has inspired me such that i take no moment for granted with my husband of just over 3 years. i'm saddened by your loss and encouraged by your strength. having gone through a custody battle with my husband i understand the importance of a father to his children. maintain your strength for them. i admire your perserverence in these difficult times for you and your family. you are in my thoughts and prayers. (as well as my sister and cousin's prayers....they are the ones that sent me to your site)

Alicia Bull

They are smiling so beautifully Chris! Your family is so blessed to have a daddy as special as you and just think about how important all of those pictures are. :-) We need to make you and the girls some scrapbooks!


You are doing such a great job, it is so pleasant to check on you and the girls and see pretty pictures of beautiful smiles. By the way, I love the pigtails, little girls look so cute in pigtails. I admire your strength and dedication to your family, it is amazing to see after what you have been through that you have continued to be such a strong devoted man! Have a good day and I look forward to the next updates.

Erin Pilant Indep.Mo.

One thing I learned about cats (learned it the hard way). If she likes to sleep or hide under your bed, don't dangle your leg over the bed......especially while you are sleeping!!!

Still praying for you all! Your strenght is amazing and inspiring!

A friend of a friend


Your girls are beautiful! I hope your new kitten brings some much needed happiness into your lives. Still praying for your entire family.
Love, Christy

Melodie Chrisman

That must be the little girls choice for names for kittens. Regan named her new kitty Belle also. I am not sure if she and Emma talked about that or not. Ha. Love the pigtails and smile. She's such a sweetie pie. Hope you have a great week and we will see you soon.


Kitties are so sweet ~ you will definitely enjoy having one ... although I'm a big advocate of getting 2, esp w/kittens b/c it makes it so much easier. Cats are very easy to take care of compared to dogs, but they are like babies and when you're not home, having another kitty just helps with everything. I've had cats all my life & I'll never get another kitty alone without getting him/her a friend. Good luck!! You'll love having a kitty & so will the girls.
You're such a strong man & wonderful father.

hugs from dallas ~ xo,


Peighton is such a doll!!

Enjoy your new kitty -- they are so much fun. I hope it helps you smile everyday :)


Ahh, the beauty in your family is amazing, all the way up to you! You all are entirely gorgeous. I love Peighton's hair like that! So cute!! I hope the new cat cheers them up a bit! Thanks for sharing pictures of your family. I love reading every entry you make!! You're a great man, Chris!

Nicole Clark

The girls are so sweet and a new Kitty...that sounds like a goodtime. I checked out out the Bengal kitties..never seen anything like it. I have a Siamese and am a catlover. Very cool and they are so pretty. Well, just wanted to say hello. Still sending prayers your way!


Please consider adoption next time. Perhaps you don't know but we still gas, yes - GAS - kittens and cats a dozen at a time. This is not an exaggeration at all, especially in the South were you live. THe South is about 10 years behind in animal welfare and all of these homeless cats are nothing short of disposable.
I am sure your cat is beautiful and I wish you all the best, however, next time I wish you would opt to adopt, not shop.


Hi Chris and the girls (and Princess Belle) - what a brilliant name for the new addition! We have 3 gorgeous Siamese - Simba, Tiger Lily and Kobi and they are SO much fun! Hope you and the girls get to love her - they are quite demanding and I agree with the post about dangling legs and feet! You are in our thoughts daily, Chris. I know that Harper mentioned that we would love to meet you - it would be an honour..... With much love from rainy Wales, Dawn, Glyn and the Three Meeze-Cat-Eers xxxx


Ahhh...what a beauty Peighton is! Eyes just like her mommies. Those pigtails are just too cute. Thanks for sharing pictures of you precious girls and for letting us in on the scoop (so to speak) on your "new addition". I hope Princess Belle settles in perfectly.


That picture just radiates happiness - what a smile! Two beautiful daughters that you and Jen created together. I am glad that Jen got to be in on the selection of the new kitty - that makes it even more special for the girls - love it and have fun.

God bless you,

Marcie Mason

Peighton (oh those pig tails) and Emma are both very cute and precious, no wonder they are Jen's pride and joy. I am sure they are yours also. Anyhow we are still thinking of you and the girls and hoping everything is going as good as can be expected. We love that your continuing this blog, so very nice of you, granted you seem to be a very giving and gracious man. Keep being strong but also lean on people when you need to. Thinking of your family often.


The cat was a great idea easy to take care of. The girls are soooo cute
Chris i know you are having just an many bad days as good days please don't keeep the bad days bottled up in side you.
Take care, lets see a picture of Princess Belle with the girls, you will know how to use that camera real fast :)

Sarah Linford

How precious Chris...they look like something Jen would pick out. Lovin' the Leopard coat.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Good Luck with the cat.


Im so happy for your family about getting a new kitten! i continue to read this daily and am amazed at how strong and loving your family is. You have shown such great strength through this whole process and while you may not think it, you are an inspiration to so many random people who read this! i love hearing about your beautiful daughters. They both have very similar looks to Jen and are just as cute as can be. I read the blog earlier about the snow story and how your trying to explain the whole situation to Emma and i think you are handling it beautifully. Jen will always be an angel watching over your family and will shine her beatiful light on everyone even through your times when you may feel so alone. I appreciate this blog so much because it gives me the boost in my day to live for something other than myself but to live for special people like you and your family who have shown tremenedous heart, loyality, selflessness and courage. Thank you thank you and thank you again for updating us on your life. I love hearing about it! Have a great weekend!

Paulette Clements

Another Beautiful Princess!


Thank you for continuing to share. Your girls are precious! I am so glad to hear that you have a kitty to brighten your days. You're are an amazing family, with tremendous love and beauty! Praying for you all!


She is so cute; you and Jen are blessed with precious beautiful daughters! Chris, thank you for keeping up the blog; I think of you and your family often. I am so glad to see you are trying to move forward, no matter how hard it must be. I imagine you have difficult times; but you are doing your best to keep things going for those gorgeous little girls. A kitten, how fun! I've had cats all my life; right now have a tri-color long-haired gal who is 12 - she is a real cuddler. Then I have a 1 1/2 year old little boy kitten who is just a lot of fun. You will so enjoy the newest member of your family. As someone mentioned, so glad Jen helped to chose her; that will make her so very important in your lives. I bet somewhere along the line you end up with a second one!!! My two are great buddies and love to play with each other; the kitten helps keep the older one young! Thanks again for the blog and letting all of your 'extended blog family' continue to be a part of your life. I find myself wondering alot how you are really doing and getting through this. I see these pictures of the girls and it just breaks my heart that Jen is not here with them, and you. Peace to all of you. I hope Jan is doing okay as well.


Your daughters are both adorable and the kitty im sure will make you all laugh. You guys are a really great and loving family and I wish you the best. -C


Your strength is so uplifting. I had this e-mailed to me today and thought of Jen and your family and all that you are still dealing with. Your girls are beautiful just like their mommy and daddy.

C. Baker

What sweet little girls---they must love getting a new cat!!! I got my Jennifer Ireland bracelet yesterday----I encourage everyone to order one!!!

Kristi E. (Lee's Summit, MO)

The pictures are beautiful! They are just so sweet. And congrats on the new kitty. I bet the girls are having a good time with her.
I got my bracelet last week and I am wearing it with pride. Still continuing daily to think and pray for you guys! God bless you!!

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