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Jennifer Teegarden MD


Continued prayers are being sent for you, your little "princesses" & all of Jen's family. One of the other doctors I work with mentioned to me today that he had read the article about Jen in the KC Star. He was so impressed with your family and your plans to start a foundation. Know that many people are continuing to pray for you and Jen's story and legacy will live on forever.

Kari Moroz

She is precious! I know that God will continue to carry you through. He has been faithful and will always be...


What a little doll!!!! She is going to break some hearts someday. She is just as beautiful as her Mommy. Thank you for the picture; what a nice way to start my day!

Melodie Chrisman

I happened to run into the girls going into Libby Lu because Regan was in there shopping without me, of course, as I patiently waited outside. Lily grabbed onto my hand and took me right in there with her and Emma and Regan showed them around. It was so cute. I love it when I get to see the girls and know what a wonderful job you and Jan are doing to keep them happy and knowing there Mommy loves them so much. She and P are precious. Love you all.


I agree, she is just as beautiful as her Mommy, and that's a TON! I will continue to pray for your family and will also continue to keep checking your blog daily. I am so glad that you are continuing to keep the blog alive! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous picture of Emma!


Jen's beauty has been passed on to the next generation - she looks like her beautiful mom. Chris, I know that you hold a lot of people in your hands. Through this blog, you and Jen have completed a part of your plan here on earth. Jen will continue to touch your heart and she and God will guide you each step of the way,just listen and you will hear. Your words and caring continue to bring people to the Lord - you are the messenger. May God continue to give you, Jan, and family strength and comfort in what all of you are doing for so many.

God guide and protect you,

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

Chris these girls will be your rock in the next few months. I know your a wonderful man and you will all get past all this pain. Your girls are going to be so proud of you and Jen when they are older and can grasp what Jen went through and the care and support that you gave her. You are setting the bar very high for your future prospective son in laws! Peace be with you today!


she is absolutely adorable!! you are truly blessed to have her and peighton as a wonderful memory of jen. i will continue to think of you & pray for you everyday!

Renee Jones

Hello Chris and family, I have been a quiet reader over the past weeks. I had joined the blog following late in the game and I went back to read all of them from day one. It has been quite a journey over the past months, but you and Jen stayed strong. I wish that I had posted earlier, but I just didn't know what to say. I am still at a loss but I wanted you to know that you have one more person keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
I have a slight understanding of what it is like to see a loved one go through the cancer treatments. My mom had ovarian cancer when I was 6 years old. She had surgery and made a complete recovery and is still with us today. With experiencing this at such a young age and the knowledge that cancer can strike anywhere, this story pulled at my heart strings more than I wanted to admit.
This makes me all that more thoughtful of you and the girls because Jen will not physically be here to experience many of their firsts with them. Jen will spiritually be here with them to experience things, and they will have that knowledge to carry for the rest of their lives.
I didn't mean to make this so long, but I guess that I did have something to say after all.
Take care and God Bless!

Danny, Terrie, Zoe & Sean Huskins

And what a beautiful Princess she is!! I bet that was such a fun time for Emma. My daughter is such a "Princess" fan herself and loves to dress up.

I am catching up on the blog after a trip to Oklahoma. I know Jen is with you and showing you in all kinds of ways...especially through your girls! I love that Emma wanted to tell her (Jen) about the snow. That is the most precious, innocent expression of love for her Mommy. It amazes me that no matter how low we may be, our children can always bring a smile and peace to us. Thanks for sharing those moments with us.

Marcie Mason

Thanks so much for keeping up on the blog. This is a wonderful way to start my morning, reading your blog and reminding myself daily of just how special everyone in my life is. Your girls are as beautiful as their mommy, and I am sure they are getting you through this tough time and will continue to do so. They are as precious as they come. I am looking forward to watching film clips, I started to watch live web cam last Wednesday and my computer messed up, so I am glad I will get to see some of it. We look forward to keeping up on your family. God Bless your family.


Wow, Princess Emma looks like Jen, it is amazing to see her eyes!


I admire your strength and determination to get life for the girls as 'back to normal' as possible. With 3 kids of my own, it has made me slow down and realize what is important in life and aware we are never guaranteed a tomorrow!!


Hi Chris,
I've not posted for a bit. As I am sure many out here in cyberland are pondering what to say, as am I. I want you to know I still think about and pray for your family. I keep asking Jen to remind me to slow down, be good to my friends, and take time to love life. She is not disappointing me. I say with confidence that Jen's message won't be forgotten. Take care!
Annie Braun

"Little Angels" Mom

What a great picture -- Emma has such a sweetness about her. Your family is always in my prayers.

Paulette Clements

What a beautiful Princess!
Thank you for sharing her picture.

Amanda True

Wow! It is amazing how early in life girls love to be pampered and look beautiful. My daughter is the same way.

Emma looks gorgeous!!


Princess Emma is so adorable! Thank you for keeping up with this blog we all love checking in to see how you and the girls are. You're in my daily thoughts and prayers. Love~ Christol

Jessics Stevenson

I just want to tell you again that you and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers. Your little princess Emma looks beautiful in that picture posted, I think that she looks alot like Jen. The days will get better and you have a strong support group with you I hope that peace has found you and thank you again for this blog in more ways than you can imagine has it not only helped you but me and thousands of others.


What a precious Princess you have there!

I just wanted to let you know that since I heard Jens story and first visited your blog my life has been touched and I believe forever changed. I have found new meaning in my life and have made a promise to myself to never take another day for granted. I hug my children more and tell them how much I love them every chance I get. I don't let a single day pass without telling my husband how very thankful I am for him.

I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Tatum Twyman

What a precious picture of Emma!

Vicki Dernier

Is she adorable or what? Just makes you want to reach into the screen and pinch her little cheeks. That's the grandma in me. Chris, your girls are darling. Princess Emma comes by her title honestly. She has a Prince for a daddy and a beautiful Princess mom. What a fun day for the girls.
You remind me of the energizer bunny. You just keep going and going and going. Maybe you could mix in a nap with girls now and then to recharge yourself. Thank you for your sharing your life and time. Keep looking upward.


Chris, a friend of mine from KC sent me the link to your blog the week of Jen's passing. I grew up in KC, but no longer live there. I am so sorry for your loss. Jen's life story has inspired me to be a better mother, wife, daughter, and friend. My life has been forever changed and I thank you for sharing all the ups & downs with the world. I think you are truly amazing & that your girls are so blessed to have you as their father. They now have a beautiful angel who will always watch over them & protect them.
Thank you for keeping up the blog. I look forward to checking it every morning. You're an amazing writer & have inspired many. May God bless your sweet family.

Stacy W

Hi, I came across your website because I go to the cancer compass website everyday,and their it was another young person with this horrible dieseas. My husband passed away Jan.6,2007,He was 38.We also have two young girls,age 10,11.I read all your blogs,and wow almost the same story,just different cities.It is so amazing how many people are dealing with the same situation.We also went to Texas,and as I walked around and I thought how lucky are we that we have such great support and so many other people don't.They go to chemo alone,or go get tests done alone.I just want to share my story,and my knowladge about colon cancer to all the new cancer patients that are affected by this horrible thing called cancer.I hope my husband finds your wife in Heaven,and they become friends,because she has the same smile and wonderful spirit as my Michael did.God Bless you and your children.



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