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Kristi E. (Lee's Summit, MO)

That is a cute cute picture!! I sure hope that the girls are able to shake their colds and feel better this week. As for the benefit, it sounds great. What a special event. We will sure be there!!

Still thinking and praying for you and your family (and of course, all the other families affected by this horrible disease).

Sarah Hunter

Look at those cute little monkeys! You are an incredible man Chris with an unbelievable amount of strength. My thoughts and daily prayers are with you and your family always. Have a great week!

krystle ireland

hey chris!
its krystle and mike! we love you so much. we are going to try to make it the the trouser mouse! hope to see ya! xoxoxo

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

Love the picture!, maybe holding them that way for a bit will ooz the colds right out!

Got my new Jennifer Ireland bracelet in the mail the other day, wearing it with great pride and everytime someone ask about it I feel their ears! I took care of a 48 year old man this week, very similar story to Jens, also passed the blog address along to his wife. Stopped back in his room some time later, and while he slept she was sitting in the room reading Jens blog. She was very moved.

I know you and the girls are going to be okay, you have such support around you, but know that your still in our thoughts and prayers. Got the letter from Heaven this week, couldn't read it without crying. Hope you all have a great week! Blessing to you all!

Jennifer Wene

I posted this comment last night, but it hasn't appeared yet so I guess there was a glitch, so hope you don't get double posts! You continue to amaze all of use by thinking of others as you go through the unimaginable. I learned a lot about life from you and Jen as I have read this blog over the last year. I ran the Little Rock Marathon on Sunday. When I run one, I run every mile for somebody or something. Mile 2 was for Jen, to remember her and thank her for what she taught me. The pic is cute!
God Bless you and your family,
Jennifer Wene



Cute picture of the girls! I know Jeremy and myself, along with our girls, are ready for the warm weather.

I hope the benefit goes well. Hopefully, one weekend I will be able to make the drive to come to one.

Hope your week is good!


Bobbi Henderson

The music is a wonderful idea and I love the songs! The picture is absolutely adorable. I hope you all have a good week and that the girls get to feeling better.

Leslie Peterson

Love the picture and the music! I'm so glad that you had it installed. I hope the girls enjoyed the sun yesterday!

Much Love,


Once again you never cease to amaze me or anyone else for that matter! You are such an amazing all around person. I love the picture of the little monkeys. I have a 23 month old and we call him monkey because he is always climbing on something as I am sure P does as well! Well I am with you on swing sets and grass stains, I am ready for Spring and new life! Have a great week and hug the girls extra tight from all of us out here!

Dinah Wonderly

Hey, hope your first trip on business went well. The girls are tooooo cute. Will try to get to the benefit. Thanks for the info and by the way the music is a nice touch. God Bless you and yours. How is the kitty? Dinah

Stephanie Ireland

That is such a great picture of the girls. They are so darn cute. I am excited about the benefit. That is actually the next weekend I was planning on coming in town! See you soon. Love you!


Received my bracelet yesterday (so much thanks to blogger Kristi E, I am forever in your debt). Jennifer and family are always on my mind but the bracelet just makes me feel even closer to you all. I love when people ask about the bracelet so I can share our story (I do feel it is our story now). You are always in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


What a joy to see those smiling faces, I know that they help you and all family members to feel better. Thanks for the other blog contacts - so many people suffering, but yet so brave. I read this prayer from Joel Osteen today and thought how appropriate for all of us:
God I know that I have the ability to be caring and compassionate.Give me understanding and leading so that I can make a difference in other people's lives. In Jesus'Name. Amen

Continued prayers,

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