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The girls look so cute in their masks! Sounds like they stayed busy this weekend. Happy to hear everything went well with Peighton's birthday party and Easter. Have fun at the gold tournament and I think it might warm up a little by the time the wweekend comes around.

Melodie Chrisman

Well we had a ball celebrating P's birthday and I think if Regan could babysit them all the time she would love it. I told her she had a few years before that could happen. Ha. It was a great day for a great family. Can't wait until the Crawl. Love to all.


I've been reading and just decided to post today. You inspire me so much and you all are in my prayers daily. Jen seems like she was a great person, mother, wife and friend. God had other plans for her. I hope each day brings more healing. Glad you had a wonderful Easter. The girls look adorable! I got those same glasses for my son a couple of years ago. Love em!
Blessings to you always,


I have been following your blogs for a few months now. Your girls are beautiful and it is nice to start my day with their georgous smiles. While I was getting my little ones ready for pre-school this morning I thought of you and what a wonderful job you are doing with the girls. It is definitely not easy raising two children on your own and I am so happy you found someone to help you out. You are in my thoughts everday and I hope you have found peace knowing that Jen is in a better place. She would be so proud of you!


glad you all had a fun easter! The picture is adorable and I just wanted to send my best wishes. Have a great week and hope you have safe travels!


What precious little bunnies they are - so glad that they enjoyed Easter and got to have an egg hunt with Grandma Jan and family. It must have been difficult not having Jen with you, but I can tell that all of you are trying to keep the world as normal as possible. It takes one step at a time and you continue to take that journey.

God bless you,

Penny Pine

I just wanted to write and say that I have been following Jen's story for about 6 months now. And, I just found out last night that my dad has been diagnosed with colon cancer. They are optimistic that it is within in the early stages and that he will have a full recovery. We can only hope. He's having surgery this Friday, and I can honestly tell you that I will be doing a lot of thinking about you and your family during this time. You all have inspired me so much over the past several months, and have given me lots of insight into this horrible disease. I know I will know what questions to ask when the time comes. It's a strange feeling knowing I got so attached to your lives, through the internet, and now we will be experiencing a similiar journey. Thanks for your optimism throughout this ordeal, you have given me a lot of inspiration.

Take Care and kiss those girls!

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