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Melodie Chrisman

Wow Chris such insight!!!!! When I read your post I could not help but think of my Mom, Jen, Max and Brea. Those are individuals I have had the honor to know and have lost within a small amount of time. However we choose to see them now, they each bring a smile to my heart. Seeing my Mom creating a breathless garden as she did here, Jen decorating and holding the children of heaven, Max running and playing with all the little boys and Brea being held as only a baby can be, with love. I think it is imperative that a faith and positive outlook be taken to give us all the strength to wake up each day with a purpose. You amaze me with each step you take, truly you do. Through all the grief you have given so many a way to love, share, and give to others. You go sugar. We are all here to embrace the sad moments and celebrate the great moments for you and the girls.


You write so beautifully. I hope your heart is healing -- it sounds like you have amazing strength.

Peggy Patrick

Dear Chris, "WOW" Your posts are so awesome, so inspiring to me and everyone else too. I'm so glad you are keeping us informed with your beautiful blogs. You are such an "INSPIRATION"; you make my day.
Thank you again. Have a great weekend with those beautiful princesses. God Bless You All!!! Love and Prayers always, Peggy


i just love reading these posts. you give me inspiration to just live everyday to the fullest and appreciate the little things. I often think of heaven and those up "there" and i think heaven is whatever you want it to be. Whatever age, time , place, anything. I think everyone has their own individual heaven. Thats just how i think of it. Anyways i will defintley be tuning in tomm. thanks again for the posts!


Having time to think always bring such questions and also the desire that time away from our loved ones will be short. You are healing each and every day, always thinking about your two little girls that count entirely on their daddy to make decisions for them. That is a big order and hard to do sometimes. Take your time, one step at a time, and always be willing to call on family when you feel the weight on your shoulders is more than you can handle. That is not weakness, that is trust in those that are always there to listen and share your pain. Thanks for keeping up the blog - so glad that the cast is off and Peighton is doing well.

God bless,



I am sure that Jen is very honored in the way you are taking care of the girls. I hope you and the girls had a super weekend. I'm sure you loved the weather!!! Have a great week!


I really like your last post. I lost my dad last summer and often think about heaven. Your insight has goteen me thinking about it again and it's nice to hear other thoughts on the subject. Thanks for sharing!!


Chris, What an inspirational post you wrote. You are one strong man with so much character. Keep up the awesome attitude and drive. I know everyone has to be so proud of you!!!


Amazing...your are simply an amazing man!

Kelly Masters

Chris - Your words are so inspirational. I enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to new posts. Your girls are so blessed to have you as their father. You don't know me, I'm just one of those people who got a link to your blog through a KC friend of mine. I grew up on the KS side of KC, but now live in Orlando. Anyway, I attended a Relay for Life here in Orlando over the weekend and wanted to let you know that I made a luminary in Jen's memory. Her life is such an inspiration to me as a mother of 3. I try so hard to be a good mom & just enjoy everyday and every moment I have with my little ones. Thank you for sharing all your moments & thoughts with all of us. Your posts make my day and I look forward to reading what you have to say each time. Enjoy the week & those sweet little girls of yours!


Well, what do I say to that? There is no way to elaborate on it so I'll just let it be...:)

Have a good week!


I agree with the others, you are truly inspirational and what a gift you have. Your words and simplicity of truth amaze me. Hope all is well in the Ireland household.

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