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This blog is doing so much for people. I hope you continue to find comfort in sharing this way - I know so many love to read it. I sit down every night and check to see if there is a post. You and your family remain in my prayers. How lucky Jen was to have been blessed with a man of such love and loyalty. I know she watches you with pride.


I just read your blog after a friend had found it and raved about it. I was really touched and I check it everyday cuz i love to hear about your two beautiful girls! Keep up the amazing work!!!


Chris- the girls are getting so big & are as beautiful as ever!! can't wait for tha crawl 4 cancer :)
amy copple


Your girls are just too cute for words! I found Shawndra's site from here (& all the other Cancer network blogs) and just wanted to say "well done" for spreading the word, keep up the great work! Good luck with the crawl 4 cancer, sounds like a great time!


I still check this thing everyday and love hearing about your daily lives. I love the picture and am so happy things are going well for you all. Thank you for mentioning the other blogs out there that need support, i have gotten hookied on a few and love reading about other people and giving them support. Thanks

Melodie Chrisman

Love the picture of those two beauties. I have to say, I have taken time to read the other blogs posted here and have written words of encouragment, amazement and just down right love for these people. My Mom and Jen opened my eyes to this horrible disease and my heart will never be the same because of it. Joining in this fight after what you have been through is always so touching to me. Helping others realize that we need to do whatever small part we can in this fight for our friends, family and people we don't know is so important. Once you have taken this journey you are forever changed. I am very proud of be one of the fighters for Jen and for you and the girls. Have a great week.

Allyson Ellis

Chris - you are an amazing man! Your girls are so blessed to have you as their daddy. You constantly amaze me with your upbeat spirit. You are an inspiration to so many!

God Bless you...

Allyson Ellis


I just wanted to put this in here. With as many people that come here in a day I think we can help this little guy make his dream come true. Check out this website and send a card.

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