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That is great that you had the opportunity to give an interview. How cool! Glad you made it back safely from your trip. Your life is truly inspiring. Have a great weekend.

Stacie Cronberg

Dear Chris,
My colleague and friend, Janet Gooch, told me about you, your family and your blog. Although I feel speechless, I wanted to write to you and tell you that you exemplify the true meaning of grace. You stood before difficult circustances time and time again and you accepted them with faith, love, loyalty and confidence. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love, your pain and your strength. I wish you peace,
Stacie Cronberg


Hi Chris, well last night before bed the Holy Spirit really put you on my heart, and I just felt led to write you. I hope all is well and I just wanted to wish you and your family a very blessed weekend. And I will continue to praise God and thank Him for what an awesome man of God He has made you to be. Be encouraged and of good cheer. Jesus loves you. God bless you and those two little blessings. Shawna

Debra Ann

This blog has touched me in so many ways. I remember the first time I got on here I spent hours reading every blog from the beginning and crying for your wife, you, and your girls. It is so amazing to try and comprehend the complexity of God's plan in all of this. There are so many factors that lead up to the connection of myself reading this blog starting clear back from an old association from highschool whom I played soccer with. She went on to graduate and work at the hospital in which Jen's final stay was at. She had posted to pray for your family on facebook. During these same months Brandon (the love of my life) and I were making trips home, as his Gpa Leslie was losing his battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We had only found out over Thanskgiving that he had this cancer, as his symptoms weren't typical, and they delayed looking further into his itching that he had all summer last year. Even though he lived a long life and left an amazing legacy, it still hurt to lose him so quickly. Being able to relate to your families pain in watching Jen slip away has helped me to appreciate God's will in this. His family has often pondered how this could have been detected sooner, just as you have done with Jen. I am in pharmacy school in St. Louis, which means I spend a lot of time studying different disease states. This weekend I am studying both colon cancers and lymphomas, and have been listening to the music on this blog continusly. It is my prayer that God would bless with me with the intuition to refer patients to specialist who may be at risk for having cancer. I know that Brandon's Gpa's story has impacted me, but Jen's has left a lasting impression as to just how young and healthy a person can look from the outside while suffering cancerous afflictions inside. I know that God has a purpose in me being led to this blog...another testimony to Jen's life and purpose. I also have grown to look at my time with Brandon in a whole new light, with an increasing love for our time spent together. Life really can be short. Thank you for sharing a bit of yours, so that others can be incouraged. God bless you and your family always...

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