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Jan Velander

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of your thoughts and prayers since January 2006. Tomorrow will be 10 months since Jen's death. We all deal with grief differently. Some are quiet and introspective, while others are forthcoming with their feelings.
Chris began this blog as a way to keep our family and friends updated on what came to be the worst thing to ever happen in our lives. It was an easier way than making nightly phone calls. I feel Jennifer and Chris were very brave to put their personal lives "out there on the world wide web." Chris' initial plan for this blog site was to perhaps help others in this same situation. We were fortunate to find Dr. Foster, Jen's surgeon, through the internet, so Chris and Jen thought posting her story might give insight, help or recommendations.
It gradually transcended into a love story between a husband and his wife, and the tremendous love and pride they had for their two precious daughters. Somehow the word grew of Jen's story and her need for prayers and support. This blog became a life line for her, for our family, and surprisingly, for others as well.
Your postings boosted Jen's spirits when they became low, though she never let you know how truly scared she was. Your postings gave me strength to try and be as brave as my daughter. Your postings filled our extended family with awe and thanksgiving that so many people were praying for our beloved Jennifer. Your postings are pages and pages of the power of prayer for Emma and Peighton to read one day.
How amazed they will be to know how valiantly their mommy fought to remain on this earth with them. How wonderous they will feel reading that people all over the world cared enough to write and offer support and prayers.
I ask you to please not give up on Jennifer. She can no longer post, but her spirit continues through The Jennifer Ireland Foundation. You all know that Shawndra Turner has been finacially and more importantly, prayerfully, helped because of Jen and this blog site. Soon other recipients will be listed on The Foundation website. We are not "going dark." We are continuing to fight in Jen's honor and name. I would hope you'd continue to believe in a good cause...helping other young families who have been stricken by this horrible disease called cancer.
Jen's story is going on. It just might not be out there as often.
Please continue to lift our family in your prayers. It's been a week today since my dad had his first round of chemo. He handled it with the same strength and courage as Jen did. He is amazing and is continuing to live his life each day to the fullest, just as Jen did.
I have the pleasure to take Emma to preschool in the morning. She easily recites a poem they are learning for their Christmas program about the birth of Jesus. The poem ends something like this. " that a baby I hear? It is the cry of Jesus who we all hold so dear."
We hold you all very dear in our hearts. Your comments and prayers helped us survive the gates of hell.
We find comfort in knowing Jen is with Our Father in heaven. Emma and Peighton know their mommy is with Jesus and that together They will watch over them tenderly, as only a mother and Our Savior can .
Please let Emma and Peighton continue to know the power of the love of strangers, just as the innkeeper allowed strangers into his lowly stable.
I wish you all health, happiness and peace.
With love and prayers to you all,
Jen's mom


Just thinking about your family!!
I think about Jen as well as your family each and everyday. I can not begin to explain how much Jen has touched my life. Isn't it amazing how someone I have never met is so important to me. Your faith and love is truly and inspiration.
I hope you know there will always be continued prayers for your family and the other families suffering! Through this blog we have fell in love with Jen and your family. We will always be here....Happy Holidays to you all! Much love....

Linda Olson (St John's)

Hi Jan, what a great entry you have posted about Jen and her family. What a very special Christmas for Jen this year, celebrating in Heaven with our Holy Father. Although, it will be sad, the girls have learned so much about eternity in their short little lives. I remember what Fr Mulhearn said at her visitation. She has already brought people together to love and care for each other. What a comfort it must be for you Jan, to know how many people, including me, pray for you and Chris and the girls. I learned how powerful prayer is when I got sick. Just remember, I'm always there for you. I love you Jan........Linda Olson


Jan, praying for you and your family, everyday! Jen is such an inspiration and will continue to be. God bless you, your family, Chris and those two beautiful girls!

Sarah Hunter

I just wanted to share this web address that was fwd to me, for you to visit and listen to this sweet boy named Logan and his encounter with a loss.
click on "listen to what logan had to say"
Thinking and praying of you and your family always!

amy copple

I check the blog almost daily. Chris,I hope you & the girls are doing good. Jan, thinking of you as well! You are always in my prayers, hoping you a wonderful holiday season, thogh I know it will be hard.

With Love,
Amy Copple

ps- I would love to see a few new pics of the girls, when you get some time- I know you are very busy

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