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To Chris, I ask, was it a coincidence that you ran into this special person at your lowest point? Or....did a special angel orchestrate this encounter in order to begin healing your broken heart? Let the healing continue and do not ever let anyone question your intentions. This blog is testimony to the man that you are and the love that you and Jen shared. My suggestion to you....once you get a happy ending.....write a book. You are a eloquent writer and the world would pay to read this story. I would be the first to buy a copy.

To those who may be hurt by Chris' desire to move forward, I am certain that you feel pain at the loss of your loved one and may feel that the timing of Chris' new relationship is quick. Is this hurt more because of the fear that Jen has been replaced? I would ask that you look at it this way...Chris' desire to have another satisfying relationship like the one he had with Jen is actually an honor to her memory. It would be impossible to live without love after having such a GREAT love in your life. Do you agree?

To the special young lady who has captured the heart of this wonderful young man, I wish you strength and much love. Dating a man with children who have lost their mother to death is quite a responsibility. I am sure you are aware of all of this and will do a great job guiding these young ladies into the women that Jen wanted them to be. Keep your head up and your heart soft. Do not ever let yourself make comparisons!!!! You were placed in this position by design. Embrace it and rejoice that you have been given this gift by a special angel up above.

To Jan, I have been inspired most by your dignity and strength in this ordeal. I first read this blog after hearing you speak on the radio. My mother left me and my brother at an early age (by choice-not death) and I often look for mother's to emulate in my life as I raise my two beautiful little girls. I must say that after reading this story, you are now among those "supreme" mothers that I strive to be. I have a feeling that you are probably an even better grandma : )

Many blessings to you all, including fellow readers like me who prior to reading Jen's story, were living our lives without much thought, going through the motions and never living in the moment. I am now stopping to enjoy things and have began appreciating simple things like the sound of the crackling ice as it melts under the winter sun. Jen, a woman I never knew was able to captivate my heart and mind like no one I had met before. Thank You Angel Jen....I will be looking for you at the gates of Heaven.


Chris, my greatest wish for you is peace. Peace in knowing that your daughters are going to grow up to be beautiful, strong women, peace in the decisions you have made regarding moving forward with your life and peace in the knowledge that while others may judge you, you are the only one who knows what's best for you and your family.
You have done an amazing thing with this blog, connecting people all over the world with you words of love and strength. I'm going to miss the updates about you and the girls but I look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful things the foundation has up their sleeve.

Merry Christmas!


Chris - I have been in your shoes - I also was judged by people who set a lenght of time to mourn - There is no time limit - Everyone grieves in their own way - some private - some visible - I to met a man 6 months after my husband passed away from cancer - Unless you have ever been thru this experience I do not know how you could judge someone. I felt like God sent this person to me at a time when I was ready and needed them. We have built a wonderful relationship and life - I finally decided I must hold my head high and go forward with my life. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren thru this and life is wonderful. There is pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - I cherish so much more time with loved ones -
I never miss a day telling the people I love that I do and that they mean the world to me.

Monica Burton

I am happy to hear that you have started to experience joy and happiness again. I am sorry that so many people have judged you espically since alot of people can't truely understand what you have been through or are going through. You and Jen have been such an inspiration to me and my family, understanding to importance of letting people know how much you really appreciate and love them. You have also shown us the meaning of true love.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. I wish you and your family all the best and you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers
ps I love the pictures of the girls. It is nice to see their beautiful smiles.

Bobbi Henderson

Chris- Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us all. It is amazing how many lives have been touched. I know it has been a great inspiration to me personally. Jen will never be forgotten. Good luck in the future. May God bless you and yours.

Marcie Mason

I can't believe how big Emma and Peighton are now, it just happens so quick. I completely agree with wanting my kids to stay young where they have so much innocence. The girls are looking beautiful as always,they seem to love hamming it up for the camera! I am so happy you have choosen to move forward. I agree with a previous comment thinking some special angel might have helped orchestrate the perfect timing for this special person to come into your life. I am so happy for you. I honestly know that no one has ever or will ever doubt your devotion and love you had to Jen and have for your girls. I am absolutely excited for you because you are deserving. Best of luck to the Ireland and Velander (Jan you are amazing) families and for your futures. We will miss you all.
PS. Your eloquence in writing and capturing an audience is outstanding, have you ever thought of being a author? If you come up with something make sure you let us know.

Thanks for sharing your family,

Margie Williams

Chris - I am sad to hear you say goodbye, but think you have picked an appropriate time to close this chapter in your life and move forward. I too live in Blue Springs and although I have no idea where you live; I think of your situation and you family daily when I'm running errands in town. I've thought often of your heavy load and how you have managed to balance everything. As far as others judging you, I am disappointed to hear that and I urge you to lean on the word of God when you go through difficult times at the hands of others opinions. I am sure your position has not been an easy one, to fulfil all roles to your daughters and probably lose a sense of yourself in the process. I am tickled to hear that you have met someone else; perhaps this person was meant to help you return to the "old you". Still, I know that Jennifer will always be on your mind and in your heart, but I also know that she would have wanted you to share the rest of your life with someone else. Good luck on your new journey. Nobody gets to tell you how to live it except for you. Wishing you peace, happiness and prosperity in 2008! Take Care!


I just want to say thank you again, Chris, for creating this blog – words cannot express what it has meant to me both when Jen was with us and after her passing. I can only imagine how hard it must be to deal with the judgments but know that Jen would want you to move on, Chris. I know that you were brought into Jen’s life for a reason and I am so thankful that she met you. You made her so happy and gave her the life she had always dreamed of and on top of all that, you were there with her through it all and are continuing to help others with the foundation. Looking at the pictures of the girls – especially Emma – I see Jen and I know that she is with all of us. I wish you all the best – but don’t be a stranger! The girls would love a play date with Emma and Peighton. Jan, I hope you know that I am always here if you ever want to talk. Jen was truly like a sister to me. Of course, we had our ups and downs through the years and there are so many things I wish I could do over and get time back with her but in the end, she was and will always be my best friend and the lessons I have learned from her in regards to friendship, strength and courage I will carry with me always. I am praying for you all that you will find joy in this Christmas season – Jen is in the best place of all to celebrate – with our Lord and Savior and I know that we will see her again one day.

Terra Shover

Chris and Family;

I admire you for your honesty and your desire to move forward with your life. We all know Jen will never be forgotten; you have made sure of that with your dedication and hard work at creating, maintaining, and sharing this blog and the Jennifer Ireland Foundation as well as with your two beautiful daughters. But you have also inspired many to live differently, by being kinder to others, reveling in life's simple pleasures and making sure those that we love know it.

Jen would want you to be happy and we all certainly know you deserve happiness and all of the other blessings life will bring. And only you can decide what makes you happy...remember that when others judge you.

I wish you, your family, and the Velanders all of the happiness the world can bring. And I truly thank you for sharing Jen's battle with the world and the love and support you gave her. You have inspired me on a level I didn't know existed.

Wishing you all the best,

Terra Shover


Chris~ You are an amazing and strong person to have been able to let the millions of people who have read this blog into your lives. You deserve all of the love and happiness that this world can bring to you through the girls, through Jen, and through the new person in your life I wish you nothing but the best that this lifetime has to offer! Never doubt your abilities as a parent because you can tell by the bright smiles on Emma and Peightons face that they have a wonderful father that is able to give them all the love that he has! Stay strong you will all continue to stay in my thoughts and prayers!


It is with both sadness and joy that I read your final message. You have been a wonderful inspiration to everyone that has shared your amazing journey. I wish you and your little girls God's richest blessings. May you enjoy life to its deserve every happiness that comes your way.


I'm sad to see you say good-bye but happy to know that you are moving on.
Thanks for sharing your story. You and your family have been an inspiration to many. Take care of those precious little ones! They are too cute!!!


i have read this blog from beginning to now end and as it saddens me to see that the blog is over i completly understand your choice to continue with your life in a more private manner. I just want to thank you and your family for your inspiration to live life to the fullest each day because it may be your last. I wish you luck in your relationship, you deserve it. Thank you again for this blog it has remained a constant source of inspiration in my life. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family

Grace from Texas

Chris,I am moved to tears that the blog is shutting down, but I have read your final words over and over and do understand your reasoning. A friend of mine sent me this link when I was grieving the loss of our little baby. From then on, I checked back frequently, keeping up with your story. I guess I am emotional because of the timing of finding out about your blog, and just feeling close to your family through your words. I have prayed for your family many a time during and after Jen's death and will continue to think of you, I am sure. I am happy to tell you that we welcomed our healthy baby boy into the world just six weeks ago. Thank you for touching my life, and I pray the Lord's blessings on you. I know we do not know each other, but you and your family have really meant alot to me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Love, Grace


Well done Chris, fair play to you!
Do chara



Chris & Jan,
Good luck to you and your family! Thank you for sharing Jennifer's story. It obviously made a huge impact on people throughout the world. I can't wait to see how many people the foundation will help.
See you at the Crawl in August...

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

So glad to hear you are all able to move along so gracefully. Hold your head high Chris, you have been a role model to so many. You have been what we all would aspire to be if placed in the same situation. Your girls are beautiful and have such a great Dad to be proud of. Good luck to you all and peace be with you.


God bless you and your family


My sincerest thanks and prayers of new beginnings and happy memories for you and your family.

Toni Wakeman

Chris, I just want to say thank you for sharing Jen's story with all of us. I wish you a happy and healthy furure with your girls and loving memories of your beloved Jen. I think she would be proud of you as a father and as a person with all you have endured and how gracefully you have delt w/it. People will jugde you, but grief is a personal thing and how terrible we are as humans to even begin to know what you have and will go through as you try to heal your heart.


i had a hunch that this is what i would see the next time you updated. i think it is no shock that you would find a special someone - you seem like an amazing guy and someone who loved his wife very deeply. I cannot imagine being in your shoes and I cannot imagine judging someone in your shoes. although i have a hard time with the "life goes on" concept, i firmly believe that your wife loved you so much that she wants you and the girls to be happy and she sent you this special someone. i am sure you find much comfort in knowing that and only you should be concerned with what path your lives take. i don't even remember how i heard of jen's story but it was love at first sight - i loved reading your heart felt entries and i immediately sensed your devotion to Jen. i wish you and the girls and your bengal kitty all of the best in the days/years to come!!!!

Paulette Clements

I am not sure if you still check your messages but I wanted to let you know that my daughter announced she was wearing her Jennifer Ireland bracelet to school last Friday. Her good friend liked it so much she asked to wear it! Jennifer is honored by people that never even meet her, in Louisville,KY!


Thank you for sharing your lives with us! God bless.

Kevin Butler

Chris, you are a very articulate and talented writer. I will miss your blog entries. Jennifer's dad is the reason I am associated with your life. There isn't a day that goes by that I grieve for his loss. I also grieve for you and your children but I am thankful you are moving on. I hope that you find the happiness you deserve. I know that your children will be happy because of your strong character. God bless and good luck.

Lisa Thomas

Although I will miss reading your entries I have nothing but the utmost respect and want complete happiness for you and your family. Thank you for opening your life to the rest of the world. You've changed lives dramatically, and with your story, I am hoping to change the lives or many others here in Indianapolis. Our 1st ever Crawl is being set up for Late summer / early fall of 2009. I am hoping you will keep this up, at least for a little while longer for those who still need time to reflect on your families amazing story.
Nothing but wishes of peace, happiness, and success. Thank you~Lisa

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