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Hi, my name is Chris Ireland. I have a beautiful wife named Jennifer and two lovely daughters named Emma (3) and Peighton (1). Jen (27) was recently diagnosed with cancer. The news was a shock beyond what I could describe with words. Since that unforgettable day, Jen has been as stoic as anyone I have ever known. With the help of friends, family, and some great doctors we have just made the initial steps on the path of agressive treatment and eventually a cancer-free life.

I decided to start this blog for several reasons. The first of which is to keep everyone informed. There are countless people out there that have offered support, but our ability to keep them informed is limited. Access to this blog will help tremendously. We would also like this blog to be accessible to anyone out there on the World Wide Web. Jen and I use the internet as a resource constantly and we would just like to give back to that pool of resources by offering information that could possibly help a cancer patient, a doctor, or even someone just in search of inspiration. The truth is, we stumbled upon Jen's doctors at Creighton University Medical Center by way of the internet - thanks to a family friend.

So...thanks for showing interest in Jen, my wife, and please feel free to offer comments, advice, or just a few words of encouragement.