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Jeanne Peve

While reading your blog, I got a really good feeling. This is the meeting you have been waiting for. I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow as you meet a new team of doctors. Keep your chin up high!

Melodie Chrisman

Jen & Chris, That is wonderful. My family continues to pray every minute of every day that you guys find that treatment that will help you fight this. You guys are so strong and have shown strength and grace throughout. The ya-ya's are getting together tonight (Jan, myself, Cathy, Jan C., Peggy and Ellen) so you should be feeling some serious prayers and thoughts coming your way. Love and faith will get you two through this. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but the truth is, you two have taught me so much above love and endurance that I have learned more from you than I could ever give to you. God is with you and this entire community will continue to walk with you. Peace be with you Both.


Now that you are in Chicago, I am back in Blue Springs knowing YOU are in good hands. Katie will take care of you. It's a small world after all.

jan castle

My every waking minute is consumed with prayers for you, especially today as you meet with the doctors in Chicago. God will guide them to your recovery....I just know it. Continue your strength, your faith in God, and your fight. We are all here fighting with you. Much love to you both.


Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I am here if you need anything while in Chicago. I am working on getting in touch with you (I don't have phone numbers for you guys) but if there is anything you need, please let me know.


Wow, a message waiting for an appointment for a possible new treatment that will end this journey that all of you have been taking for so long. It is truly a blessing to have this be presented to you. Jen, I am so sorry for your suffering and the prayers never stop for you. Just remember that life holds many gifts you haven't yet unwrapped. Hold tight - the Good Lord is in control. Bless both of you. Dee

Elizabeth Malone

Dear Jen,
Now may be the time for aggresive pain relief. There are pain specialists that can help you manage the pain without making your mind "gorky". Have you written letters to your daughters and made videos? I would do this while I had the strength. Jen, use your energy for what is important to you. If you have 1 inch of energy and someone wants you to spend it by going to a party that you dont want to attend, DONT GO. Use that energy to write a letter to your girls. There are implants that give you small amts of meds. directly and painlessly into your epidural space (yes, like at childbirth sorta) but the devices enable you to be pain free and give yourself extra meds when needed. It's hard to be strong and fight when you are in constant pain and my wish for you is for you to be as pain free as possible. Please, know you are in my prayers constantly and call me if there is anything I can help you with. I know a lot about pain and it's relief. There is also something called Fentanyl suckers. They are Lolipops of a very strong pain med. which you suck for a time, until your pain is eased, then put back into the package until later, or suck the whole thing if you need it. Just keep it away from the kids of course. I think you should ask for these right is such simple and effective pain relief. Fentanyl Suckers. (901)854-9502.
Love always sweetheart,
Elizabeth (Robin's Mom)

Mark Kohlfeld "Uncle Mark"&Aunt Bobbie Julia &Taylor

Hey Jen and Chris, just writing a note, checkin on your family. Julia and Taylor say , "Hello" and they miss the girls. Well, sounds like you've found a good group of doctors/nurses. 2.5 liters of fluid! I'm sure Jen feels a lot better -gosh.
Well, grandma Blanche is here watching the girls for a while, I've had a cold, Mark is out xmas caroling. NO Elvis singing Tonite!
Well I've gotta go, I just took Nyquil and I'm getten goofy. Love always, prayers, Bobbie, Julia , Taylor and Mark

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