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amy copple

Jen- it was wonderful to see you this evening (especially eating the goodies we brought up)! I continue to pray for you and your family everyday.
Chris- Thank You for all the updates on the blog. You do such an excellent job!
I hope & pray you have another night of good rest! I, as well as hundreds of others, will be praying at exactly 7:15 Sunday evening :)
amy copple

Andrea Toney

Jen, Chris and Family-
We will be praying for you tomorrow evening at 7:15 along with so many others that care for you. We continue to pray that you may find peace and comfort during this difficult time. We are so happy that you are able to recognize and rejoice at everyday miracles. Every day you have together is another blessing and memory that you are all able to share. Wishing you many more blessings and memories.

Andrea and Aaron

praying for Jen!

Since I was introduced to your courageous story on Thursday, you have been in my every prayer! May you continue to be comfortable and surrounded by God's everlasting love! My fiance and our friends and family will be some of the thousands praying at 7:15pm on Sunday night. We feel very honored to be a part of this prayer circle. May God continue to bless and keep you and your amazing family! You are an inspiration to us all...keep on fighting! Peace be with you!

Carrie Bell

Dear Jen, Chris and Family,
I have only come to your site recently, but like all the others before me, I am touched by the love, bravery and complete faith that envelop your family. I too am a mother of two young children and my heart breaks for your dear family. Jen, the amount of courage and grace that you have shown while dealing with the unthinkable is truly astounding. Chris, your words have created such a picture of beauty, grief, devotion and complete adoration of your wife. Thank you for sharing this "journey" with the world--I'm sure it's hard for you to imagine how many lives it has changed--especially those whom you've never met. You can be sure that a little family from Marietta, GA will be praying very hard for you all tonight!

With my very best wishes,
Carrie Bell

Julie Marriott

Know that the Marriott's will be joining in the prayer vigil this evening for Jen. I am again thankful for the peaceful slumber Jen was able to experience and just your brief description of the effort it takes to make Jen comfortable sparks a wealth of gratitude to all of the doctors and nurses who have committed to keep Jen at peace.
Love you so much!

Dinah Wonderly

7:15 p.m. it is. The glory of prayer will be lifted by many,many people touched by your story. Chris thank you again for your untiring devotion to not only Jen, and your girls, but to your taking time to keep the blog up to date. We hang on it. I sometimes check it at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.... just to keep in touch. God Bless you and Jen and all her family today as more needed rest comes with any pain. Know that God has her in his thoughts and hands. Dinah

Frank Jones


As the comments keep pouring into this blog at an incredibly accelerated pace, I am amazed at the love and compassion that is being offered. So many people are staying connected with you and your family through their thoughts and prayers. Looking back, when I was going through my parents slow decline, I see now that the strength and peace I found then came from the care and concern of others. And of course, Jesus was right there in the middle of it all. Questions about "why" will be answered in due time. Even Jesus had his questioning moment. Just know that you, Jen, and your family is an inspiration to many. You are bringing love into this turbulent world in ways you cannot know right now, but it will be a better place because of your faith and actions. We will be praying tonight for you and Jen, and will continue praying in the days ahead.

Fritz, Meredith, & William Kuebler

Jen and Chris,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you today. We will join hands w/ the thousands tonight to offer a prayer for your family, comfort, and well being.

Fritz, Meredith, & William Kuebler

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

Here in our small town of Italy, Texas, at 7:15 we too will stop, light candles, and pray for Jen and the entire family.

Yesterday at my daughter cheer competition I passed out little book marks with Jens blog address, all promised to stop in and see and take a moment to pray for her also.

I am still amazed at the people that this has reached.

Love to you all, Jen, Chris, Denis, Tina and Jens Mom. I know you will find comfort in tonight.

Lurker praying for Jen

Ireland Family
I am a long time lurker who will be praying for Jen at 7:15 from afar. I would like to invite all lurkers to post tonight at 7:15 their prayers or just that they are praying/thinking of your family. Your family has touched countless lives. Thank you forever for sharing your story.


Bless you Chris...may you put some of your heavy burdon's on Jesus's shoulder for awhile to help ease your pain...

words cannot describe


It's been ages since we last met; Harper and Tracey's wedding the venue; the celebration of their union the reason. But what a testament to that "union" between man and wife you and Jen represent - thru think and thin, in poor and in guys embody that promise, that oath. I just got this link from Harper and Tracey thru Jen Sinclair and am saddened and glad that I am here now. I pray that the Lord above will continue to bless you and strengthen you. We do not know why things happen the way they do, but we can trust that God has good reason for setting things in motion as he does. When things are looking bleak, trust in your faith. My thoughts a prayers go out to you, Jen, the girls, and all of the family and friends in your circle of life.


Sharon Pflughaupt

Jen and Chris, I barely know you, but have been following the blog since before Christmas. Your story is truly inspiring. You have more strength and courage than most of us could ever think of having. I pray for you several times a day, and keep hoping for that miracle. My daughter and I will be at the prayer circle tonight, praying for this terrible disease to somehow leave Jen's body.
Jan - Emma is welcome to come over and play with Katie any time.


Chris and Jen,

I will be in Blue Springs tonight @ 7:15 with all the others that so strongly will be praying for Jen. This story of life has touched so many, that only God knows. I pray for Jen to be comfortable, and I pray for the rest of your famliy to have comfort, strength and peace in this time of need. I know that Jen will "feel" all of the prayers that come her way tonight and every second after! Everyone that knows Jen is truly blessed to have known such an angel! Eveytime you look into the girls eyes, you will see Jen.

God Bless You and Your Family!

Jill Ostendorf

Jen, Chris, and family- I am completely amazed by the amount of strength and faith you've had throughout this whole ordeal. I, like so many others, read your blog daily even though I can no longer get through an entry without tears. Although I can't be at Blue Springs for the prayer group, I will be praying for you here in london. I've started lighting a candle for you during my travels and will continue to do so. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
Jill Ostendorf

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Jen & Chris,

You and your family continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers daily. I pray for Jen to have peace and comfort and to know no pain. I will be saying an extra prayer tonight at 7:15.
"Hope is a prayer with wings"~ author unknown


Andrea -Grain Valley, MO

I came across your blog thru Jenny Matthews myspace where a listener had asked for prayers for your wife. I just wanted you to know I will be praying for Jen as well as you and your girls tonight. I am 26 with a loving husband and a little boy who is 1 and can't imagine what you are going through. I don't know you but can definately tell from this site that you are and have been a wonderful husband and dad who has unbelievable love for his wife. May god continue to give you and your family strength,love, and courage.



I hope you how honored I feel to be able to attend your prayer circle tonight! It shows everyone that they can do something when it seems as if nothing is left to be done! I will be praying for peace for you and your amazing family! It is his will that will be done not ours! Jennie

C. Baker

I sent out e-mail to everyone I know asking for prayers this evening---I am so glad to hear that Jen is holding her own---stay strong and keep the faith!!!


Chris & Jenn, This is Vicki, a/k/a Dustin Derniers mom. Wow...the stength and courage you and your family have is incredible. I have been reading your blog page since the beginning and you are always in my prayers. Chris, I can't say that I am at all surprised, as I've always known you are a remarkable and driven young man. However, you continue to amaze me. There have to be times when you are completely exhausted, yet your tireless efforts at updating this blog page so that all of us can be involved is such a selfless act of kindness. I know that God is giving you the strength to keep pushin' on and between he and your Mom (the most beautiful angel in heaven) you will not give in. Your mom and I were like two pieces of velcro and she use to repeat these words to me, "enjoy when you can, and endure when you must". She must be sending the same words to you. I have never witnessed such endurance. You, Jen, your girls and families are in our prayers. We will be with you and what appears to be thousands of others at 7:15 this evening, and always, praying for you. Love, happiness and peace to you all.


I'm a blog reader from IL, my friend in KC sent me this link awhile ago and I've been following it ever since. I've passed the link on to family/friends here and we will be saying prayers and lighting our own candles from here. I pray Jen and you as well as your entire family feel the love pouring out from all over the world from all that read your blog. Your in my thoughts and prayers every day!


Chris: My heart is aching for you and your family. You have been through so much in your short lifetime. I will never forget what you and Dusty went through not all that many years ago. Your family is beautiful. As a person who also has been fighting the battle of cancer, and all that goes with it, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Chris thank you again for continuing to send us updates. I am glad that Jennifer got a whole night of sleep and than had some goodies. I will be praying with everyone tonight.
Monica Burton

Marissa Brown(Meador)

I am so sorry I will not be able to be at the prayer service. Two sick kids keep you chained to the house. But we will be saying a rosary for you tonight, God bless you Chris.

Kristie (Bles) Slinkard

Candles are being lit on the other side of the state as well. Jen continues to be in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Dennis was telling about the unique cross that is in Jen's room during his quick trip home this weekend. It looks just as special as he made it sound.


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