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Jennifer Teegarden MD

I was so happy to read that you had a good day & that your pain is being managed well. I pray that you will continue to have more good days & enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Your story of strength and determination continues to be a daily inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others. I will continue to keep you & your amazing family in my prayers daily. God Bless.


Jackie Dorman

I am so glad to hear that Jen had a good day today. She is truly one of a kind: precious, loving, and so selfless. I know that God has heard all of our prayers. I'm not sure where the healing will occur (on earth or when she goes to her final home). Tori has strep throat today so we spent the day together and talked about Jen. She did ask me if God performs miracles. I told her that he does. She said then I am praying that God gives Jen a miracle.

I know God's plan is perfect and whatever happens is a part of that plan but believe that miracles do happen and am still praying for one.

Your family has touched me more deeply than you will ever know. I have endured much pain and loss and found comfort in the love of those around me. Through your sharing, I feel this incredible love and peace about Jen's destiny.

Christina Lewis, RN

Although I have not taken care of Jen, I have read the article in the paper and share moments with the rest of the staff here at the hospital of her battle. Jen, although never meeting her, is an inspiration to me and a lesson learned in life for me. I take too many things for granted and I never stop to love the little things and forget about the stuff that doesn't matter. I have shed tears for Jen and I have prayed for Jen and I will continue to pray for her and the family. God Bless you and remember that the hospital staff here on the 5th floor loves you and wants nothing but comfort and peace for you. We admire you, Jen.

Christina Lewis, RN

Dinah Wonderly

Chris and Jen,

So many of us obviously start our day with your blog. Thank you again for sharing your pain and inner struggles. I have passed your blog on to so many people that are truly touched by your story and have added you to their prayers. Continue to have good days and know you are loved beyond anything you can imagine. May God Bless you today again with good rest and peace. Dinah

Scott Marolf

Jen and Chris,
It has been awhile since I have seen or spoken with either of you, and only heard of Jen's situation a few days ago. I wish the two of you and your daughters the best. While I wish there was more I could do, I hope you will allow me to catch up with Jen for a moment. We lived in the same neighborhood when we were in high school and Jen's first car was a little 4-speed manual. Not knowing how to drive a stick, she solicited my help. In all honesty, I was probably a terrible teacher, but she picked it up quickly and after a few laps around the neighborhood was confident that she was good to go. A few weeks later I was riding in the car with her somewhere and noticed the emergency break handle was all the way up...while we were driving. Upon inquiring how this was possible, the only conclusion was that I had failed to reminder her that the emergency break was to be released when driving. Needless to say, it was no longer functioning.
I tend to not listen to doctors and will sit here blindingly optimistic!
Take care,
Scott Marolf


We are praying for a miracle for your family. There is a great place called The House of Hope and Healing in Kansas City. These people really know how to pray and they get results- many peoples lives have been changed and turned completely around from cancer and other diseases! Call them- they are waiting for your call and will pray over the phone- you don't have to go there to get prayer. The number is 816-777-0707, if there is a chance for life(and there is) then you must call. Jen, you are a true warrior and we are at war with you.

Laurie Henderson

This blog is a wonderful thing and we are so very fortunate that you are willing to share your life with us - thank you. Am so very happy for you on a good day. Sure hope you guys get more of those than not but I know that isn't up to any of us as well, so prayers keep coming. Hope, peace, love and lots of faith in God.

Melodie Chrisman

I love that she has sassy pj's. That always makes you feel a little better. I love that you were honest enough to post that Jen needs her privacy because dignity in this time is so important to the person going through this. I know this first hand from my Mom and Chris I protected her like that too. I am so glad she had a better day and I will pray for more of those. If you need anything done at your houses I am a phone call away. I love you all so much and send lots of hugs to you.

Mimi Shields

I can not tell you how much it joys my heart to first read this morning that Jen had a good day. I also received your story from a close friend that knew you from highschool. I am blessed to be able to be one of your many prayer warriors and will never cease. My brother, who is a year older than me, is also 27 and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in Aug '05 and we celebrated every good day. And still do. I learned first hand how powerful prayer can be. Please tell Jen that thousands are fighting for her.


Jen I continue to pray for you and your family. Please don't lose faith in the God of miracles.

"Surely our pains He Himself bore, And our sickness He carried... But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was crushed for iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed." Is. 53:4

Believing that healing is a right for us who are in Christ is not being in denial of what we see or what the doctors tell us, it is having faith in the power of the unseen Father and Holy Spirit.

"while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Cor. 4:18

Miracles occur all the time where modern medicine cannot explain how they happened; good days like this one are an indication there is still hope!
Keep fighting the fight of faith! There are hundreds of us who are standing and believing with you.


I am glad to hear that Jen had a good day/night and that her pain is being managed. Also, love the sassy PJ's, I just smile thinking about her. My prayers continue to be with you and your family and I hope that she continues to have a peaceful journey.

C. Baker

I glad to hear Jen is holding her own---I think just being in the hospital is exhausting and having too much company makes it worse---I am still praying for that miracle!!

Andrea (Young) Toney

Jen and Chris and family-
We are celebrating today with you! I am so glad to hear that Jen got a chance to clean up and smell so good. It always makes a woman fell better. I have shared your web site with friends and family. They are now sharing your journey with you and praying diligently for your family. Thank you for sharing your journey filled with love and trials with the rest of us. As always, we keep your family in our hearts and prayers.


Shawna Lockwood

Hi Jennifer, Well I read your story today and I just wanted to let you know that my family and friends have been praying for you. I know to you and your family hope may seem very faint right now, but I serve a True God who loves us all and if I have learned anything in my walk with the Lord it is that it may be impossible for man but ALL things are possible with God. So I really encourage you to keep your faith. There is a woman at my church that's husband was diagnosed with cancer and was given three months to live, but they refused to except that fate. They joined together in prayer and sought the Lord and stood on what the Bible says and not what the Dr.'s said ( and I am not saying by any means that Dr.'s are not good, hear my heart) and with the strength of the Lord he lived another 15 years. So please do not loose hope! My grandfather suffered a major heart attack this past March and spent two months in the ICU. He was read his last rights five times, but the Lord told me that he was going to make it and that was what I stood on. It didn't matter what the Dr.'s told us and how grave the reports were I knew what the bible said and I knew how great my God is. Our God is! He is such an awesome God that when all hope seems lost He steps in and saves the day. The Bible says that children are a gift from the Lord and babies are a blessing and that we shall see our children's, children. This is a promise written to us from God. The Bible also says that we have the confidence in knowing that He hears us, and that if He hears us , we can be confident knowing that we will receive what we have asked for according to His will. And Gods will is for you to see your children's children. Jesus died for you to live the abundant life! So I encourage you , Jennifer, and your family to not stop believing! God is a God of the 12th hour, but His timing is perfect. I have learned that He makes us wait so that all of our trust is in Him! Please trust Him! "For whom does my strength come from, it comes from the Creater of the heavens and the Earth." Thank you for your time and my prayers and thoughts are with you this day. And I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ would guard you heart and mind with the peace that surpasses all understanding and that He would fill you full of HIs life. And that His word would bring life to your mortal body by His grace and thru your faith in Him. God Bess YOU and your family. ( If you would like to talk I would love too)
Shawna Lockwood


The new page looks great Chris. And how wonderful that Jen had a good day yesterday. I hope that she continues to have great days. I am praying with all of my heart for a miracle. Keep fighting Jen!

Brooke Bonadonna (Knight)

I am so happy that Jen had a good day. I pray that she has more days like this. Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I thank you for updating us during this difficult time.

Lindy Meyer


I am so glad to hear you had a good day! I love that you are so stylish in your pjs! It doesn't surprise me. You and your family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. You have so many people who love, care, and support you. We all look up to and admire you and what a courageous woman you are.



I am so glad to hear that Jen had a good day, I continue to pray for that miracle for you and your family. You have a beautiful family. Please know that prayers from TN come your way.


Hi Jennifer: I have been reading your story the last few days as Bridget shared the site with me. Keep your focus on our Heavenly Father for "All Things Are Possible Through Christ Jesus Who Strengthens Us". There is power in prayer and He is always listening.
"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted." Job 5:9.
Jennifer,Chris and family, may your faith stay strong in knowing that so many prayers are being heard by our Loving God daily. Hear our prayers oh, Lord, that your will be done.
God Bless each of you.

Trevor Birch

Chris and Jen,

First of all, it was great seeing you on Christmas day. I have been thinking about you and the girls non-stop. I have been asking everyone I know to pray for all of you in this situation. In fact, at the church that I attend, the entire church staff of over 100 people took time out of a meeting yesterday to pray for you. So, be encouraged knowing that people are not giving up hope for you all.

I have been reading some of the wonderful comments that people are leaving you, and I have been so encouraged and uplifed to see all of the support you have.

I pray that you know how much God loves each and everyone of you, and that throughout this difficult time you will continue to look to God for your strength and comfort. Whether you are feeling scared, upset, or confused, continue to look towards Jesus for your comfort.

Love your favorite cousin,

Nikki Boehmer


I doubt you remember me, but we actually went to school together and I think maybe even elementary (my maiden name was Wilson). I was introduced to your blog last January through my good friend Rachael Althaus. There is not much that I can say that hasn't already been said, but my family and I have been praying for you since the day Rachael told us. I only know Jen from when she worked at Island Sun and I thought she was so sweet and had a great personality. As a mother of two young girls myself, I can't even begin to imagine what your family is going through. I hope you know that through your courageous battle you have shown us all how vulnerable we are and how precious life really is. Your family is truly an inspiration and my family will continue to keep you, Jen, and the girls in our prayers for a long time to come.

I also wanted to tell you that our daughter's are in the same dance class and I introduced myself to Jan last week. I gave her my card and told her that if you ever need someone to take your daughter to dance or drop her off at home, I would be more than happy - Rachael can vouch for me!

cassy wendel

Sassy pj's are the best!!! Chris, I haven't yet met you but have shared a couple of moments with Jen's wonderful mother, who will always remain dear to me. I have worked at NKCH for 7 years now, and I don't think I have ever been so touched, or felt so much love for a family. I have not been Jen's nurse, but have been working on the 5th floor, and following your story since the personal interest article in the paper.
If I could pray every moment of every day for each and every one of you, I wouldn't feel like I had done enough.
May God provide each of you with the wisdom and strength you need in this most difficult time.
I want you to know that your story has reminded me over and over again that every moment is precious, and that the housework will wait, because my babies need me.
I wish there was a way that Emma and Peighton could be protected from this sadness. May God's love surround them, and the rest of your family.
Jen......Trust God.
Love and Prayers,
Cassy, RN

Shelly Heggs

How awesome it is that you are having a really good day....and like many others have said, looking stylish in your sassy pj's. I'm sure you look beautiful as Chris has often said.
I, too, believe in miracles, according to God's will. Stay strong! Believe! I am praying for you and your entire family.

Thank you for continuing to share! It is obvious that God has brought you and Jen together for a reason. You two shall be one forever.
Stay strong in your faith!

Cherish every moment you have! As a mother, my heart aches for you! May God continue to bless you all with faith, hope and love!!

My prayers continue on!

Elizabeth Malone (Robin's Mom)

Dear Jen and Family,
I, like so many others, keep asking "why", and in reading the hundreds of comments from the blogs, most of them beginning with "you dont know me but..." I can see how with this illness and Chris and Jen's sharing of the illness, thousands of people around the world are praying and maybe bringing Christ back into their lives in a personal way that some had lost. Everyone who reads the blogs is touched in a different, yet personal way that I dont see how anyone could ever have forseen when the blogs were started. Of course family and friends care deeply, but so do strangers from far away. I'm not saying this well, but I think that Jennifer's life is touching thousands. Chris, you have helped make this possible and I know you are a wonderful person. I can only hope that my life can have as much meaning and touch half as many lives as Jen's has touched. If you bring one person back to Christ in Prayer is your life not blessed? Christ will be waiting for her with open arms and her pain will be gone forever. I hope she will be there waiting for me when I cross over with her beautiful face shining. The words I read are "inspiration", "strength", "hope","Prayer after prayer", and my favorite word "miracle".


My mother was diagnosed with colan cancer back in Nov. so I have so much compassion for Jenn, her family, and friends.

I can see the faith Jenn has by wanting to keep on fighting. I encourage everybody around Jenn to come together and have that same faith. THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER! I have seen the power of prayer. Our God is full of miracles. My mother is now cancer free and I give all glory to God who is able to do infinity more than we can ask or even think.

So again I encourage everybody around Jenn to lay hands on her and pray Gods true will for her life. Our God is a God who truly loves us, that sent his only Son to save us not only from our sins but also our sicknesses. Here are a couple of scriptures from the Bible.

John 11.4 Jesus said "This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it."

Habakkuk 3 The Lord God is my Strentgh, my personal bravery, and my invincible army: He makes my feet like hinds' feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make spiritual progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

1 John 5.14-15 And this is the confidence which we have in Him; [we are sure] that if we ask anything according to His will (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to and hears us.
And if (since) we [positively] know that He listens to us in whatever we ask, we also know [with settled and absolute knowledge] that we have [granted us as our present possessions] the requests made of Him.

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