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I too, am one of the many that learned of your blog on the radio this morning. I have sat here all evening reading the entire thing from the begining, you and your family are such an inspiration! You will all be in my prayers!

Tracy Kempf

I am thinking of your family tonight as I do every night (and every day). When my infant daughter was on life support in the ICU at Children's, I listened to Sara McLaughlins song "I Will Remember You". Although the lyrics could mean so many things, there is one verse that stood out for me at the time as I am sure it would apply to your entire family right now.

"I'm so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too deep
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard"

I can only imagine that all of you are feeling this at every waking moment. I feel so much sadness and pain for you, and I do not even know you. You will forever be in my prayers.

I will remember you....ALWAYS (Jen, Jan, Chris, Emma and Peighton)!

Tracy Kempf

Melissa Thomason

I heard of your story on the radio this morning and have spent the better part of 3 hours reading all your lovely blogs. I am currently in nursing school and doing my clinical rotation on a hematology and oncology unit. It is such a difficult experience but worth every minute for all that I learn about the patient and their family's courage. I have seen some people who are fighting a good fight but Jen is the most amazing woman. She is so incrediby strong and your love for each other through all the trying times is an inspiration. It makes me want to call my husband just to tell him I love him. Reading your story will make an impact on every person who reads it. I may not know your family personally but I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Your two little girls definitely inherited their mother's beauty. I'm sure even as she lays there in a deep sleep she is incredibly beautiful on the outside and also on the inside because of her beautiful heart. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue through this difficult time. God bless you all.

Shelly Heggs

What an awesome tribute!
I have a feeling, there will be more tributes like this to come!

Cody Bentley

Hello I heard your story today and thought I would also put it on my space to spread the word to all of of friends around the world.I am 27 y/o and have two young little girls. Thank you for sharing you story with the world it has opened my eyes and you will all be in our prayers. This is my Blog on my space.
Today I was taking Chloe to school and there was a story on the radio about a lady my age 27 at the North Kansas City hospital. She has Cancer. Her husband has been blogging to let people know what is going on day to day with her . Well last night he brought his daughter up there to see if Jennifer would be able to tell her one last time that she loved her . He daughter Laid beside her in her bed and said Mommy please open you eyes but she couldn't. Reading this blog and looking at the pictures of this young healthy family has changed the way I will think and live every day from now on . I will charish the people in my life more . I thank her husband for posting this blog for her. I think he will change many peoples lifes because of this. Please go to this blog and read and help them if you can with donations. Love you all Cody Bentley

Maggie Champion

I am a n RN of 25 years and NP of the last 7. I have watched so many young women leave this life at such a young age, leaving behind them small children. I can feel the pain, exhaustion,and them givin with all their hearts to Jen. What I really can feel is the difference in this family and so many others is the faith. I can tell that these people know that we are only passing through this world. Thank you for reminding so many people how important it is to live very day to it's fullest. Don't let a few days or weeks go by and then forget the lesson you learned from this family. Hug your wife/husband more. Hold your children longer, tell them all how much you love them and when those things that creep in that seem so catastrophic, like spilling something at the table, lovingly clean it up and tell them it's OK. We all have accidents and we all make mistakes. We are still here and have a chance to fix them. Jen isn't here anymore and what she gave in her 27 years sounds like 100 years. Please don't forget the lessons you learn from this. Chris and family; thank you for sharing a most beautiful and touching love story and one about faith and trust. Thank you especially Chris for looking at Jen every day and seeing the beauty both inside and outside. I so admire you for that. May God be with you and those precious little girls. God will never leave you nor forsake you. Thank you Jen for so courageously showing us by example how to live the mission that God sends us here or.

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