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An online supporter

What an amazing post, I've been following your blog and your truely an inspiration to so many out here reading. I'm SO happy Jen got to get out and surprised everybody! Glad she had a good day of rest! Your SO right about the miracle of Jen being here for another Christmas. So many dont have that. I'll continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray tomorrow will be another good day! Thank you for the update today and that Garth Brooks song is one of my favorites, nobody knows what tomorrow brings, may everybody that reads this tells their loved ones just how much they mean to them today! Thank you!

amy copple

It's so great to hear that Jen was able to get out of bed! I'm also glad to here that she had another good day of rest. Chris- Thank You for updating the post, what an amazing song. I'll keep praying for your family through this difficult time. If you need anything, I'm only a phone call away.
With alot of love & prayers,

amy copple

Also, glad to here you got out for a breath of fresh air to spend time with the girls! I hug Kylie a little longer & a little tighter every night thinking of you, Jan, Bob, Dennis, & Tina during this difficult time.
p.s.-happy birthday jordan, what a great bday present to have jen strolling in to see you in the waiting room!:)

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

My usual first morning routine: check the blog. What a great way to start my day off too!, so glad Jen is keeping her head up and having a bit of fun at the same time. Hope today is another great day for you all. I know your girls were glad to see you Chris and have that special time.

Just wanted to let you know how much your blog has touched and reached into my professional life. As a nurse we sometimes forget how every case is so different and how the family of the ill one has to deal and adjust. Thats why I started ready the blog before I go to work every morning. I pray after I read the blog that I nurse each patient and family differently and with purpose. Even if only in their lives for a short time that it will make a differnce.

Peace be with you all!

Sarah Linford

Jen...Over the past few days you have been on my mind constantly. Yesterday, I was walking back into work from lunch and I busted out laughing thinking about how much fun we have had together from the late nights around the pool to many, many baseball game. I don't go to a baseball game to this day without thinking about you or telling a story from our baseball days. Thanks for being so much fun and sharing many memories and laughs with me. As well thanks for all the great advice you always give me Jen...You are a great friend! I wish I were closer now to spend more time with you...I truly miss you. Keep smiling that beautiful smile...I am so proud of you.

Chris...You are great! I am so glad Jen met you. She is a lucky girl. You are a role model to many men out there. Thanks again for the post. I am glad you were able to spend some time with the girls...I am sure it was a great break for all of you.

Love you guys and Miss you.

Dinah Wonderly

Once again thanks for the great update. Ice cream and a visit to family. Sounds great. Glad you had some time out in the air. Keep our girl rested, sounds she is getting what she needs. Thanks again for all your tireless blogging. We appreciate and pray daily for you and your family. God Bless you. Dinah

Dee Montee

Jen, as usual you are showing unbelievable strength and determination - the power of love is endless. I know that seeing you up and out of that bed made all of your family members rejoice. Hope that this day continues to bring unexpected goals met and you feel better.
Chris, you are so right, all of us take so much for granted and forget the important things. Your song says it all - the power of three little words and all of you have been able to say them over and over to Jen = what a blessing. My prayers still continue to reach for miracles for Jen and all of you, but like you said, each additional day together has been a miracle.

Continued peace be with all of you,

monica burton

What a beautiful song that is so true and has so much meaning. What a nice surprise for the family seeing Jennifer out of bed. She continues to have amamzing strength that I will always hold dear to my heart. YOu are such an inspiration and remind us all that there are miracles around us and we need to pay attention to them. Thank you for keeping us posted.
Monica Burton

Melodie Chrisman

Chris, Jan & Family, I cannot even express how wonderful it was to be there last night. I sat in amazement at how incredible Jen is. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. It was one of the most precious gifts God has given to me. Thank you for allowing me to share a moment in time while you continue to be such an amazing family surrounding Jen. Your love and strength goes beyond all measures. I will replay that time over and over and remember each of your smiles watching you love Jen. There just are no words adequate enough to explain how you have changed people's lives.

Jan, I love you and loved having time to make you smile if only for a moment. You are my sistaaaa and I you are beautiful. Make sure you guys keep your strength and get some rest too. I am praying for good days like yesterday. Love and hugs.


Hi Jen, Chris, Jan and gang! Thanks again for your inspiration and faith. You are certainly changing the world around you and giving us all the chance to look into ourselves and embrace the miracles in our lives. Everyday is a gift. I am so glad you are still living each day and finding the goodness in it as you have done since the beginning. Annie

Rita  Cook

I have been following your blog since the article was in the newspaper. I have prayed, cried and laughed throughout. You have all been an inspiration on how to love so deeply. I too have lyrics from a song I would like to share, it brought me such peace when I lost two sisters within months of each other 2 years ago. I hope it does the same for all of you.

Tapestry by Carole King
My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the everchanging view
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold
Once amid the soft silver sadness in the sky
There came a man of fortune, a drifter passing by
He wore a torn and tattered cloth around his leathered hide
And a coat of many colors, yellow-green on either side
He moved with some uncertainty, as if he didn't know
Just what he was there for, or where he ought to go
Once he reached for something golden hanging from a tree
And his hand came down empty
Soon within my tapestry along the rutted road
He sat down on a river rock and turned into a toad
It seemed that he had fallen into someone's wicked spell
And I wept to see him suffer, though I didn't know him well
As I watched in sorrow, there suddenly appeared
A figure gray and ghostly beneath a flowing beard
In times of deepest darkness I've seen him dressed in black
Now my tapestry's unravelling, he's come to take me back
He's come to take me back

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Chris & Jen,
I do believe in miracles too and was moved to tears by your message today. I think one of the greatest miracles of your story is the number of lives you both have touched and the outpouring of love and support you have received from your family and from complete strangers. I will continue to pray for more good days and more good memories to come for you & your family. I have shared your story with my family, friends and coworkers who have been touched and inspired. Continue to keep the faith. Miracles do happen.


Terry Smith

Jennifer and Chris,
It is indeed a great morning to wake up, open the blog and find that God's grace has indeed been sufficient for another good day and night. I have read so many comments about miracles and was touched to read your comments, Chris, it has been affirmed that God has given you a real spirit of His presence in this situation and that there are miracles each day that He performs in both of your lives. I have been involved in Christian men's organizations, gone and volunteered for many conferences, in sold-out venues, but you are the epitome of what it is to be a man who truly loves and honors his wife. There will never be any regrets from you as to "could I have loved her more?" You both are very special people in your own way and whatever miracles God brings, big or small, we can whisper a word of thanks and praise. Continued strength and blessings to you, Jen and family.
Praying daily,
Terry Smith and family

carol Fink

What an amazing update. Thanks for reminding us all of the many miracles that are surrounding us/you at this time. God is so good. You have been blessed to have each other. Many people never get to experience the love and support you have for each other. My prayers are still with you all. Happy Birthday to Jordan!

Rylina Danley

The two fo you are simply amazing people! I can't stop thinking about your family and am simply amazed how you continue to see the positive in everything. It is truly an inspiration. the first thing I do in the morning is read your blog and pray that jen is hanging on yet another day. Please know how much you are all loved even though I do not know you personally. You have changed my way of thinking in so many ways. I am constantly talking to God every time I think of you, and that seems to be consuming my every thoughts these days. May God continue to bless your family. Thank you again for keeping this up to date...there are so many of us praying and hanging on your every words.

C. Baker

Like everyone else on this blog I am absolutely thrilled to hear the news about Jen---I have had all of your family on my mind over and over especially for the past couple of days--She is so lucky to have such a caring and wonderful husband----Miracles absolutely DO happen---we are all praying for all of you constantly.

Marissa Brown(Meador)

We are thinking and praying for your family today. This is just a little verse from one of my favorite songs at chuch. It gives me some comfort when life seems to be taking me for a ride which I do not wish to be on.......
"Do not be afraid I am with you. I have called you each by name. Come and follow Me, I will set you free. I love you and you are Mine."

Michelle Werner

Jen and Chris,
I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your strength and grace throughout all of this is a wonderful inspiration to the rest of us.

Mark Kohlfeld "Uncle Mark"&Aunt Bobbie Julia &Taylor

Hey there, Just us checking in on the blog. Today your post has moved us to tears. Your words reveal a man that has so much enduring deep love for his wife and family. We are submersed in your prose ( Alert-I used a big word there--ha-but seriously tho) of description,spirit, faith, love---just truely moved. That Garth Brooks song, I've never really listened to the lyrics before, they are beautiful. Please tell Jen we love her and continually think of her. We are happy she had much needed rest and pain control. Love always, Bobbie, Mark , Julia and Taylor. Say hello to Jan , Bob , the kids

Julie Marriott

Your entries bless my heart so much each day. Thank you for pointing out to the rest of us the miracles that have already taken place through this journey. There is no doubt that you have lived out the words of the song you posted. May we all embrace your courage and love without fear as you have done.

Keep up the fight sweet girl! As long as your body will allow. Keep believing!!
Love you so much!

Paulette Clements

My daughter's Bible verse this week is: "And we all know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.
I am sure that your plan to get Jen out of her room to visit with family left memories that will last a lifetime.
Praying for a great weekend for Jen. It is so wonderful to have some one that you trust enough to leave your precious wife with so you could spend time with your girls. You made their day!


Yay, what an awesome birthday present! Happy Birthday Jordan! Chris I'm so glad that you got to surprise Emma I bet she loved it! Jen I just wanted to let you know that I have a friend who was diagnosed with ovarian and cervical cancer she had to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 26 without having children yet. Her husband and her had been trying for children for about 3 years when they found out. Your blogs, strength, and courage is what got her through and she wanted me to pass a thank you along to you! You are trully inspiring to many and we are ALL praying for you. Love~Christol


I just wanted to let you know that we are having a prayer circle for Jennifer Sunday January 28th at the First Baptist Church of Blue Springs. The church is located at 15th and Main in Blue Springs. Please bring a candle. We are trying to get as many people as we can praying for Jen at the same time. If you are unable to make it, PLEASE remember to say a prayer for her Sunday at 7:15.


I am truly amazed of Jenn's strentgh through the whole process and your love for Jenn goes beyond words. You and your family are amazing. I must say it is easier for me to sit in my nice warm house and say I believe that Jenn can be healed then to be around the Dr.'s saying that there is no hope.

I also believe that everyday God gives us is a miracle of God. I also believe God does miracles of healing. We should always walk by faith not by sight. What seems to be impossible for man is possible with God! I truly believe with all my heart our Lord God can heal Jenn of all cancer. I with many others are still praying for the miracle of God to heal Jenn.

Again I think you are amazing man of God to be so strong and to love Jenn and your girls the way you do.

Brian, Ali & Hannah Copple

What a beautiful song Chris! We are praying so hard for Jen, you & the girls. We are so glad to hear about the good days. It gives us a little peace to know that Jen, you & all of the family have a little peace. Please let Jen know that we are constantly thinking about her & praying for her to have good days. Hang on Jen! Don't give up the fight! We love you & our thoughts & prayers are with you, Chris & the girls!

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