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Bobbi Henderson

You all are in my deepest thoughts and prayers. Jen is the most amazing, spirited, and courageous woman I have ever known. Some things in life are very difficult to grasp and understand, but Jen will be going to a better place where she will be free from pain. Jen has suffered so much and at such a young age, that no one should ever have to endure in a lifetime. May peace be with you all. God Bless.


My thoughts and prayers are with you all, I pray Jen continues to be rested, peaceful and comfortable in the days ahead.

May God Bless you all and help you all to understand this difficult time. Jen is such a brave strong soul.


Dear Chris, Jen, Jan, and family, I just want you to know that even though I am a stranger to you, I am your sister-in-Christ, and our family, our church's prayer warriors and friends are praying for you all and lifting you up. He loves you so much, as do we.

Stephanie Isaacks

Chris & Jen,
I have learned more about faith and love reading your blog each day than you can ever imagine. I have been praying for you daily in my rosary since I found out about the diagnosis last January. I shall keep praying! I feel a connection to Jen that I can't even explain because I've never met her but your words speak to me. Thank you for allowing me and my family to share in your lives. My husband and children are down on their knees too. All we know to do is pray, but if there is something more that we could do, all you need is ask. Words seem inadequate to express what is in my heart, but please know you are loved. In Christ's love,
Stephanie Isaacks (and Family)

Bridget Simpson

I am just dropping by to let you know that I am thinking of you all and praying that you find peace. Jan- you are an amazing mother. I only hope that I will be as great of a mother as you have been, and that I can share a bond with Kaylin like the one that you have shared with Jen. Chris- You are such an wonderful husband. I am sure that it makes Jen feel so secure knowing that she is going through this with you right by her side.
I have shared Jens story with so many people. Her story has inspired so many people to treasure things that used to get pushed to the side during peoples busy days. Family and freinds are the most important things in life. Things that people once thought mattered really don't. I know that I squeeze my daughter a little tighter now each time that I hold her. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Terrie Bossert

I am awed each day when I read the blog and see all of the coments from people who in some cases appear to be total strangers.Some of these responses are coming from people in the wee hours of the morning. I guess that says it all. Your family's struggle with this dreadful disease has touched thousands of people. We met you and Jen at Jan's birthday party in September and at that time I marveled at how both of you were so up-beat and positive about the outcome of Jen's cancer. Your family has been through hell on earth, and I hope the multitude of prayers that have been said for you all, has helped you in some small way. We continue to pray for your courage and strength through this very difficult time and we pray Jen is comfortable and at peace. God be with you all.

C. Baker

I am so glad to hear that Jen still has 'fight' left in her---Miracles happen everyday and God doesnt make mistakes---I woke up several times last night and said prayers for all of you----

Cindy Craig Harper

I just learned of your family's struggles, Chris. Since then, I've spent hours reading your blog and thinking of you and your lovely, strong, and inspirational family. My love to you Jen, Chris, Emma, and Peighton.

Jake Brittingham

As always, thanks for sharing with all of us. As you can tell by all of the comments you have touched so many of our lives.

Continue to fight, but please let the doctors and nurses help you fight, because you will need your rest. I promise that you will be showered with prayers and support from everyone who follows your blog. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us.

Kacie Pennington (Showalter)

Jen and Chris, I thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. You both are constantly in my thoughts and I pray that the days and weeks to come will be peaceful. Jen, you are the most courageous woman I think I have ever known. I pray for you every day. May you find the comfort in knowing God has a plan for you. With Love, Kacie


Chris, Jen, and Jan,

I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every moment. It is amazing to read all the post and love that is being sent your way. Take care! Enjoy whatever time you all have left, we all seem to take time forgranted! Jennie

Jennifer Teegarden MD


Your courage and strength are obvious reflections of the person you are & the people who love you. I hope that you feel the love and prayers that are being offered up for you. I pray that you continue to know only peace, comfort and love. Know that you are an inspiration to many, both those who know you and those of us who do not. God Bless you, Jennifer.

Carol Fink

Thanks so much for the update. As I've continued to pray for all of you, I've just felt the need to pray for continue hope, knowing Jen is in our Father's hands. Always has and always will be. I was just elated to know Jen has the desire to continue to fight. Be still and know that He is God. Miracles do happen. I just can't give up the prayers for continued strength and healing where He desires. Fighting in faith with you, Jen.

Love, Carol Fink

Leanne, Jeff & Maryn Lusk (Bacon)

Chris, Jen & the girls,

We love you! Your strength and courage in this battle is inspirational, and I feel so blessed to know you. We are standing by your side, regardless of what you need. Many hugs, prayers, and all the support in the world!

Erin Pilant

To the Ireland Family and all extended family members,
You don't know me but I have been touched by your beautiful wife's story. An old friend of Jennifer's told me about your family and I have been reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know I, along with my church family (Country Meadows Baptist, Indep. Mo.) have starting praying for you and your entire family. Jennifer sounds like an amazing woman and that you have been given 2 precious angles from God. May each time you look at them, you see Jennifer and realize that she lives on in them. I pray for wisdom and guidance as you raise these 2 little girls and for peace and comfort that only Christ can give to you. I am sure there will be millions of tears shed as Jennifer goes home to be with the Lord, but what an amazing life she will be having in heaven with God and those that have gone before her.
I am sorry that I will probably never meet you and your beautiful family, but know that I and many other sisters and brothers in Christ will be praying for all of you.


I want to thank you for letting Ann and I be a part of your life for the last several years. You have allowed me to regain something in my life that I misplaced many years ago. You are such a beautiful and kind person, and a true inspiration to those you touch. I know Loretta loves you and the girls and would not trade the times she has spent with you for anything. We will continue to pray for you, Chris, Emma, Peighton and your entire family. Peace be with you.

You are the bravest and kindest person I have ever known. You have done an amazing job of meeting each crisis head on and seeing it through. Your ability to provide Jen and your family with the love and support you have for the last year is inspirational. Your character and kindness is a tribute the upbringing your Mom and Dan provided for you. I thank you for the chance to be a part of your life and I pray that our friendship will continue forever.

Marissa Brown

We are on bended knee asking for a miracle. As a mother, wife and daughter myself I see no justification to this encounter Jenn is having to go through, but I do not understand many of life's twists and turns we all must endure. I pray so often through the day for your family. That seems so insignificant in light of what is happening, but my faith tells me God holds you in the palm of His hand, and to make any sense of this horrible situation, I cling to that. We are on bended knee praying for your family. May some peace come from this, and know that many tears have fallen for your beautiful wife. Her fight has made me, along with many others stop and cherish every moment we have with eachother. Lots of love and prayers from our family.
Marissa and David Brown

Kristin Coffey

A friend told our Yahoo Group about your blog, and I am just dying inside reading it. What a journey you and your family have been on. I can't even imagine, as I have two young children myself. You sound like you have been so incredibly brave through this, and I just know God has a special reason for calling you home. I hope you find peace in all of this. God Bless.

Nicole Clark RN

I am sending thoughts and prayers from Louisville, KY. I was Dana Velander's nurse when she was undergoing treatment. Her website alerted me to Jen's at the beginning of this journey. I have been following the journey closely and I am so saddened by the recent turn of events. I know that God has a plan and even though it is hard to understand, He will be there to guide the way. Please know how special you all have become to me. My heart aches for your family. Jen~ I hope to be a better person because of you and your story. You are an amazing wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend...all things which I am now or will soon be. May God Bless....


Dear Chris and Jen

You don't know me, but I am a lifelong friend of Harper Phillips and I got to hear of Jen's battle when we visited with them in Detroit this spring. I just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. This blog and Jen's fight have been inspirational and I wish you peace over the coming days, weeks and months. I wear your bracelet at home in Wales, UK, and often get asked what it is for and I share with people here your courage, bravery and fortitude. God Bless, Dawn and Glyn Thomas x


Dear Chris and Jen

You don't know me, but I am a lifelong friend of Harper Phillips and I got to hear of Jen's battle when we visited with him and Tracy in Detroit this spring. I just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. This blog and Jen's fight have been inspirational and I wish you peace over the coming days, weeks and months. I wear your bracelet at home in Wales, UK, and often get asked what it is for and I share with people here your courage, bravery and fortitude. God Bless, Dawn and Glyn Thomas x

Julie Parker

Keep fighting Jen. We all are praying for a miracle!!!


My family's prayers are with you- We have been following your story since the Star article. I'm reminded of a passage from Song of Songs that I heard in college- It says basically that love is stronger than death. I always took it to mean that eventually we'll all be together again with those we love in a better place.
You have a beautiful family, and your daughters were blessed with their mother's looks!
We'll have a good thought for you-
The Smiths


Chris & Jen,
Yes, Jen has definitely got to be the sweetest patient her doctors and nurses have ever had. I witnessed that on Sunday----her angelic demeanor was just another one of her many, many outstanding qualities. It seems everything she does, every way she acts even now, is Godly in nature. Jen, you inspire me to be the best I can possibly be. In your honor, I vow to do that. Now rest comfortably, dear one, and be forever in the lives of all of us who love you.
And Chris, know that you are a rock of strength and an example of true selfless love. I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire you. I feel so honored to be a part of your life. I will pray for the entire family....forever.....
Much love,


I first want to say that I really appreciate you keeping us updated with the blog even through the most difficult time of Jen's battle with cancer. My heart hurts to know that she will not be here for much longer, but I am glad that she will soon find true peace. Jen will be in heart and I will continue to pray for you and your family. I know that my life has changed just knowing your family and realizing how precious life can be.
You are an incredible man and have shown all of us what real love means.
Thank you for sharing your lives with us for the past year.
Monica Burton

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