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Hi Chris and Family,

I was prompted to read you blog through a friend of mine (and relative of yours) at the University of Alabama. I am so sorry that your family is going through such a difficult time like this. I can only imagine the pain and heartache you all must feel.

Your blog has been very inspirational to me. I can truly feel the love you have for your wife in the way that you write. I am a few years younger than Jen, and her story has captured emotions in me that I forgot existed.

Your story has reminded me that we never know how long we have with the ones we love. I will forever be grateful.

Please be strong during this most difficult time...I will be praying for you and your precious girls.

--Amanda N. Rambo

Angela Leakey

Jen, Chris, Jan & Family,

Tonight as I am sitting here reading this I feel overwhelmed to tell you how inspiring you all are! It is truly comforting to read this. The love that you all share comes out and is felt by everyone who reads this!

Jan is my daughter's teacher and as much as we miss her I am very thankful that she is able to be there. Jan is such an inspiring, amazing woman. I can only imagine that Jen is like her.

Chris you are a remarkable man. Jen and her entire family are blessed to have you! Thank you for being so diligent and sharing Jen's story with all of us.

I'm so very sorry that things have taken this turn. I have shared your story with everyone I know, and we all are praying for the entire family. May God bless you all and bring peace and comfort to you.

God Bless,

Jackie Dorman

To all of you,

Thinking of you and praying for you every waking moment.

Sending my love!

Jackie Dorman


Dear Chris,

I, too, have been inspired and deeply touched by the incredible challenge you and your amazing wife have endured. The devotion, faith and powerful love that you have for her and the Lord is immeasurably beautiful. God bless and continue to comfort your entire family as you walk this difficult journey.

Val Goff (a St. John La Lande parishioner)

Julie Marriott

What an answer to prayer to know that you could possibly have an extension with Jen. I know every minute is precious. I will be praying that you and Jan will be able to balance caring for yourselves as well as caring for Jen.
Love you so much!

Andrea Toney

We continue to think about your family and pray for you often throughout each day. May you continue to be blessed by miracles and memories each day that you share together. Sending prayers your way.

Andrea and Aaron

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

*Put your hope in God and know real blessing! Psalm 146:5

So glad to hear Jen is somewhat stabilized.

I love to sit and read the comments on the blog page, seeing all the people near and far that the page has touched. We continue to pray for you all.

Peace to you also.

Laurie Henderson

Chris and Jen,
I knew you were looking thin Chris but you sure don't need to be sick on top of it - get some rest and take care of yourself as I am sure Jan needs to do as well - you both will feel awful if you get sick and they won't let you in to be with Jen! I am so thankful for all the drugs they have to try and keep Jen comfortable. At the prayer vigil the other night all I could and can think is, "thy will be done" and try to quit asking "why" so much. Our prayers and thoughts of you all continue and thank you so much once again for keeping myself and I am sure more than 13000 others updated and informed, God Bless

C. Baker

It is great to hear that Jen is still holding her own---what an amazing woman---I still pray for Jens body to take over and heal itself--You are all in my prayers each day.


Chris and Jen,
Your story has touch me in so many ways, Jen is amazing and strong. I am 23 years old and recently married and I could not imagine going through that with my husband and best friend, it has taught me not to take anything for granted and to enjoy each and everyday you have with everyone you love. You are both strong people and you will make it through. You are in my prayers!

Melodie Chrisman

Hey Chris & Jan and Family. Jan it was so wonderful to get a little time to talk to you yesterday. I love you so much and think about you every minute of the day. I wanted to tell you that Regan made me a picture last night and brought it into me as I was heading to bed. It was a picture of a beautiful home with kids outside, snow, snow balls and a family watching all the kids. She told me "thank you Mommy for being so nice to be." I just looked at her and gave her a big hug and off she went to bed. That was you, Chris and Jen you see. I have learned to listen more intently, hug longer, laugh louder (if that is possible)and tell everyone that means something to me that I love them. That is your love and courage working through me to be more patient with my children. Thank you for your inspiration to be a better person. I love you all.

Michelle Bambenek

Chris, Jan, and Family,

What an inspiration Jen has been to us all. I can imagine her beauty still shines through and forever will. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you battle this tough time, and know that God is right there to guide you through. Cherish today.

Michelle Bambenek
(SJL and BSHS classmate and long time friend of the family)

Robin Velander

Thinking of ya'll as always and sending lots of prayers and positive energy your way.....I love you!!!!!

~Another one touched by your story

Still on bended knee for you all.

Barbie P

A friend passed your blog address to me, I have spent the last 4 days reading every page. You all are amazing! I am a nurse, somewhat hardened by the years of seeing so much, but your story touched be very deeply. I too will be passing your address along. Prayers to you all.

Christy, TN

I continue to lift your family in prayer. I am glad to read abou the good days you are having with each other. You are an insperation to many people.

Dinah Wonderly

Praying steadily for ease for all of you and health for Chris and Jan as they struggle for time with Jen and taking care of themselves.
Still praying for healing. God Bless you all. Dinah


13,000 hits thats so awesome. Chris and Jan get some rest and feel better! I know its probably easier said than done. I agree, Jen does look beautiful! Inside and out she has always been one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and she always will be! My prayers are with you. I love you all!


Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. We have a mutual friend and he told me your family's story. I have read everything and have cried through out most of it!! I wish that I could say that I know your family, because now I feel as I do!! I want you all to know that you are such a symbol of strength, courage, love and forgiveness. I can honestly say that Jen is a hero. She is my hero. Please know that my family and I are praying for you all. Know that Jen is in good hands and take time for yourselves...Like someone else posted, you all need to be well for those beautiful girls and Jen!! Take care...

Brooke Bonadonna (Knight)

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad that you are able to stay comfortable, it sounds like NKCH is taking great care of you. God Bless you and your family.

Leslie Peterson

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you you all!

Stephanie Ireland

Jen- Every day you amaze me even more than the one before. You are such a strong person. I have never experience a miracle before, but you are a miracle to the whole family. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I want nothing but the best for you. You deserve the best.
Chris- Thank you so much for all of these updates. Every day when I wake up, this is the first thing I read. We all can see how much you truly love Jen. We all love her too.
With all my love,
~Steph Ireland

Jessica Stevenson

Chris and Jennifer

I was told of your story threw a friend of mine and yours. I went to highschool with Jennifer and I truly sorry to hear of this. I lost my father five months ago to the same thing and I have a small idea of you guys are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and I would like to make a donation in Jennifers honor to the cancer society.

Morgan Conley

Like many others, Jen's blog address was sent to me by a friend. I used to go to high school with Jen and I remember swimming in the pool in her back yard. However, other than those few times we hung out through mutual friends, we were not close and have not spoken in years. But when I read this blog and her story, I too was moved to tears...tears that would not end. I just felt so sad and heartbroken for all of you. I cried for most of the day that day thinking of her and her husband and children and I thought, "What is wrong with me, I haven't even talked to any of these people in so many years". But I have come to realize that does not matter, I still feel so much compassion for all of you. I have prayed several times a day every day since then for Jen and her family and will continue to do so. Jen is such an inspiration to all of us and I feel so blessed to know her story. Thank you for sharing it. I wish you all peace during this difficult time.

NKCH 5th Floor

Your story and your STRONG family has touched all of our hearts. may god's healing power touch jen and your family in this time of need! your in our thoughts and our prayers! God bless!

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