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Jackie Dorman

Chris, Jen and Jan,
I am so glad to hear you are all tucked in and ready for a good night's rest.

I did already post my message about tonight's service but in the midst of doing so while trying to get my kids ready for bed, I forgot to share a few others that said touching words about Jen and all of you. Others have mentioned Chris' brother. Chris, even though they said he was "put on the spot" and did not have much time to prepare, his words were powerful, moving and full of love. It is obvious that he has a great deal of thoughts and love about all of you and the words flowed eloquently. Chris, from your writing and his speach, it is obvious that the Ireland family is one incredible group. Robin also shared her testimony. One story she shared about Jimmy, the mechanic, brought smiles to those of us who need to hear the happiness and even humor during difficult times like these. Bob also spoke of his love for Jen. Even with the health challenges Bob has endured, his heart and mind are as sharp as ever.

There were many others that said prayers and spoke. I don't know who they all were but the message was clear. You are all loved and prayer warriors are united to call on God to help us during this difficult time.

I did love that it was at 1st Baptist Church as my girls also attended Little Angels there. They are a wonderful group and I saw many familiar faces from my time at the church.

Rest knowing that you are all loved by many on earth but most of all by our creator and our savior.

God bless you!

Eric Masson

Chris and Jennifer,

I am terribly sorry for the stuggle you are going through. Please know that my family and I will keep you and yours in our prayers. Continue to be strong and continue your fight. God bless...

Melodie Chrisman

Good Morning Dear Family. Wow is a good word for last night. It was very moving. I have held in so much emotion over the last several months trying very hard to be strong for you guys. There was a moment when your sweet brother Dustin gave me a hug and let me cry. I really should have been his strength as he did so wonderful last night. Not only have you changed many, your family continues to be a great strength for all of us who love you so much. Thanks Dustin!!!!

I hope you have a great day today and Jen is comfortable and you all get some rest. Prayers are always coming your way. Love you all.


I heard about you and your family through a friend. I recently lost my mother to cancer and know the pain it is to watch someone you love feel that much hurt. I am praying for you daily, more than daily and want you to know that your family will continue to be in my prayers. God bless.

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

Started our day checking your blog, reflecting on all the GRACE last night from all corners. Sitting here listening to Mercyme "I Can Only Imagine," seems perfect right now. Your in our constant thoughts and prayers.

Julie Marriott

Last night's service was amazing. It was so awesome to be a part of such a powerful time of corporate prayer for all of you. Your brother and Bob were both so precious with their sweet words in honor of Jen. We will continue on our knees for each of you.
Love you so much!

Jackie Dorman

I looked at the sky this morning at about 7:45 am and it was filled with angel wings (the clouds formation). Jen and all of you have moved the heavens and the earth. Thinking of you and praying for you without stopping. Love you! Jackie Dorman

Connie Scott

My prayers are constant for your family. You probably won't remember me but, your father and family were raised in my neighborhood, and my son John Scott played baseball with Dustin. I know how difficult this is, I lost my husband of 30 years last year to cancer. God does get you through it and family and friends are such a blessing. God is with you and he loves you all and so many people in the community love you too.
Love and prayers

Connie Scott, John Scott and Lindsey Scott

~Another one touched by your story

On bended knee for you again today. I think Chris was right, last night at 7:15 the earth stopped spinning for a moment and PEACE was given up to God by so many in Jen's honor.

Julie Meyers

Dear Chris and Jen,

I have followed your story since I found out of Jen's cancer and have gained great respect and strength from both of you. I have a son in Jan's class and he thinks the world of her. Your story has affected our family in many ways. We have prayed for your family daily and will continue to do so. God Bless your family and continue in your great faith.
Love, Dennis, Julie, Adrianna, and Chase Meyers

The Ferrie Family

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Be strong for those beautiful girls.

The Ferrie Family
97' USCGA classmate.

Don & Janet

Good Morning Chris & Jen,

Although we have not had the pleasure of meeting you we feel we know you thru your Dad & Toni. They were dear friends to us while we owned the resort & our friendship has continued after our selling the resort (Thank the Lord)
We have kept up with the happenings of your life thru them.

Chris & Jen, we have prayed for you daily while you have struggled with this terrible disease. You are one strong couple. We admire your faith in the Lord & your strength.

We were sorry not to have been able to join in at the chruch last night, but Don & I had our own candle light prayer for you here. As I read about Dustin & others words it makes us proud to share our friendship with a GREAT & WONDERFUL family.

Our thoughts & prayers & love continue to be with you & Jen.

Janet & Don

Mike Frawley

I'm sure Jen will keep fighting until she wins. Know that my family and I will be thinking about her and praying for you and your girls. Take care,

Yvonne Tuggle

My name is Yvonne Tuggle, Andrew Tuggle's mother. He played football & baseball with Jordan. Andrew & I were listening to the country music channel in his truck on Friday and heard about Jen's website. We also read about her in the Star in Dec. I want you and Jan to know that we are think of your family and praying for Jen & each of you. You are a such a beautiful family! Our thoughts & prayers are with you at this difficult time.
Yvonne, Dennis & Andrew Tuggle

Jen (Becher) Sinclair

Jen and Chris,
My family and I are praying for all of you. Your story has really touched our hearts; please let us (CGA c/o 97) know if there's anything we can do for you.
Keep fighting, Jen!
Jen (Becher) Sinclair

Mary Winfrey

Dearest Jen and Chris,

You are a beacon of hope and light in the darkness. Thank you; your life, and your gracious living, has brought together thousands in prayer and in faith.

He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

We continue to pray for you, the girls, your family and the "prayer warriors" everywhere! You are such an inspiration!

God bless and much love,
Mary, Steve & Emma

Paulette Clements

I hope that you can feel the love from all the prayers being said and that it brings you peace.

Shelly Heggs

So glad to know that you have been able to rest peacefully for the past several days and we pray you are able to continue to do so and preserve your strength. Love and blessings for another peaceful day!

C. Baker

We have a huge family and I told them all to pray yesterday evening at 7:15 for Jen----tell her that thousands of people that she will never meet are praying diligently for her recovery!!

Kimberly (Hallman) Geswein (BSHS '97)

You're in my prayers. May God give you peace in this time. We'll be praying for you in the coming days.

Kari Moroz

I'm praying for you! What an honor to pray with everyone last night, even hundreds of miles away! And I will continue to lift you guys and your little girls up to Him.

Elaine Schmidtberger

I have been reading your notes on your blog since the article was in the KC Star. My sweet, dear husband died in 2003 after a courageous, hard-fought battle against melanoma that metastisized everywhere by the end (liver, lungs, brain, kidneys, pancreas, etc...) He left me to raise our 4 beautiful sons (ages 6 to 17 when he died)and with every breath I take, I honor his life and my love for him. It sounds like that is what you will do for Jen and you will raise your girls to remember and honor their Mother's great courage and love. I am praying fervently for all of youand know that God's grace will carry you. Father Micheal's beautiful cross was also given to my husband as he was preparing to meet God. Our parish is "Holy Spirit" so it was particularly meaningful and now holds a prominent place in our home. My husband used to kiss Jesus' feet each morning and thank him for another day. God bless you.....

Jeremy Pearce

I have had a disease since the year 2000 (7 years) called aplastic anemia and PNH. I want you all to know how important prayer is and that it has helped me get through all the turmoil and very hard times that a terminal disease can cause. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for prayer and I believe it is an extremely powerful force of energy that can and will work for you! I am here to give you a special prayer of stength, courage, and very importantly peace and serenity..and for the power to heal through prayer. Take care and will be hoping for the best!!

Dee Montee

It was a joy to read all of the messages about the prayer meeting for Jen and family - people that could not be there were praying at the same time - all over the U.S. Jen's peaceful sleep is a blessing for all of you. Hope today one that allowed for sleep and some conservation. I am going to be traveling for a few days, but will try to keep updated every day - however, my prayers never stop no matter where I am.

Blessed peace be with you,


Dear "pray-ers" for my daughter, Jennifer,
I just want to extend my gratitude for lifting Jen and our family up in prayer last night. Chris and I sat on either side of Jen's bed, holding her hands with our heads bowed in prayer also. As Jen is on oxygen and we ARE in the hospital, we couldn't light a candle, but Chris found a pix of a candle on the computer so we used that as our light for Jen. I was unsure of exactly how or what to pray for, but after watching the video of last night's prayer service, I knew my prayers were being answered.
I received a letter today from one of my grade school/high school friends. Margaret, I hope you don't mind that I share part of your letter but I found it so powerful and it put such meaning and purpose to Jen's suffering.
My friend Margaret told me she prayed a rosary for me in front of The Pieta, which is the statue of Mary holding Jesus in her lap after he had been lowered from the cross. She couldn't help but see the image of me holding Jen in my lap, and imagining the feelings that flowed from my heart and soul, as a mother, holding her child. Margaret told me she realized that I was following directly in the footsteps of the Holy Family. God blessed me with a special child who would forever change the lives of many people. Jen took the long and difficult walk bearing the cross, suffering every step with an inhuman ability. Every set back, she got back up and continued forward with the help of her family. All along the way, she has brought great admiration, love and so many souls she personally knew close to Christ. At her final moment, her soul will be free to fly directly to Our Lord and the place He has prepared for her.
I realize this is a long post, but I'm so proud of my daughter and I am in awe of her strength, courage, and fighting spirit. It is an incredible honor to not only be her mother, but her friend as well.
God bless you all,

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