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Trevor Birch

Hey Chris,

I was just thinking about you. I hope that you are hanging in there strong. I'm glad that you have two beautiful daughters to hold on to through all of this.

Let me know when you are coming down to your dad's lake house. I'll drop by for dinner or a boat ride. I really want to use that wave runner.

Your Favorite Cousin,


I have a friend, 35 years old, five young children, stage 4 breast cancer.


I just want to tell you that I admire your strength through all of this. I check your blog everyday because I care about you and your girls (including Princess Belle!)

Wendy Mundell

Hi Chris,
I am a 41 year old female diagnoses with stage IV colon cancer Jan 2006. I continue to fight for those who have lost their lives to this disease before me.
My website is
I am inspired by Jen and your strength throughout her battle.
Thanks for helping us get our stories out.


Jane Rumping

Hi Chris, Thanks for the continued updates. I still check the blog everyday, and I imagine I will for a very long time to come.
I have mixed emotions about sharing this bit of news with you, but David was alright with it, so I will be too. The day after Jennifer passed away, we found out that one of our nieces on David's side, Hannah Rumping, age 2, was diagnosed with leukemia. She has a very rare type, and must have a bone marrow transplant. She is in Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and her blog is managed by I think that it is wonderful that you are pulling people together that are effected by cancer to creat one big support system. We look forward to seeing you and the girls very soon. Please take care, and all our love, Jane


You just continue to amaze us with your strength! What a wonderful thing for you to set up! I will, just as everyone else, continue to check in on you and your family each day and now I can spread my prayers around! Take care and keep up the good work, at home, work, the grocery store :) and anywhere else life takes you!

melissa temple

Jennifer C. Ireland

Hi...Just happened to stumble across this blog when I googled my name. I lost my mother to colon cancer when I was 15. I just wanted to let you know there is strength in numbers. I pray everyday for those who are battling cancer and those who are holding their hands. Please know that your strength and charisma are an inspiration to many and are holding many more hands than those of your mother and wife. Thank you for creating such a wonderful foundation! Sincerely, Jen Ireland

Jennifer Teegarden MD


Hope you are enjoying your travels and have a safe trip back to KC. I think it is wonderful that you are reaching out to other families faced with cancer. You & your girls continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.



What a great idea to post all the links to other blogs so people can share their stories, concerns and victories too. The following is a link to an amazing blog by Leroy Sievers called My Cancer. It is updated Monday through Friday with posts and commentaries from Leroy Sievers. A journalist for more than 25 years, Leroy has worked at CBS News and ABC News, where he was the executive producer at Nightline. You can follow his story through this blog, his weekly podcast and his monthly series on Morning Edition.

You can also sign up to receive daily updates directly from NPR.

Nate Barrell

Hi Chris,

I have Stage 4 colon and I post blogs on my myspace page....please add me to your blogroll...thanks

Nate Barrell

Sherri P

I don't know this family personally, but their story is encouraging and inspiring. Jaymun's Journey



Hopefully, posting these websites will generate more prayers and thoughts to the families experiencing and battling cancer! Your strength and determination remains to be an insipration to everyone who reads the blog.

Have a good weekend!


Dustin Ireland

The music is a great addition to an already incredible site! I know Jen would have loved to log on and jam as she read through all of the uplifting comments. Chris your strength continues to amaze us all as you fight through everyday. Jen was able to move on knowing that her precious daughters were being left in very capable hands. May the Lord give you the continual strength to be the rock that so many have learned to lean on.

Your bro,

Tom Lavelle


My cancer turned out to bbe only stage II after an initial scare. But, I keep it updated to let people no where I am at. Feel free to link to it if you think it is worth while.

Keep up the fight! This beast will be beaten. And it will happen because of people like you!

Heather Russell

Thank you for posting this information. You are helping others so much by showing us your strength and courage. I will continue to check your site daily for updates. Be strong.

Sincerely, Heather R.

Leslie Parkes

This is my first time commenting. I found the site a few days before Jen's passing when a friend posted the site info on her Facebook page. I was intrigued and read through the entire site in just a few days. I was so sorry to hear of Jen's passing, but I am so happy to see you still blogging away. It is such a blessing to see what a terrible thing can do to pull a family together and continue on, even in the hardest times. I know your girls will have wonderful memories of their mom provided by you, Jan, and all of Jen's other family and friends. I pray for the three of you each day. I got my Jennifer Ireland bracelet the other day and have worn it since. Although she is gone, Jen is still a hero to many. May God bless you and your wonderful little family!


Hi Chris

You continue to inspire so many of us with your strength. This is a fantastic idea! Just today, I was wearing my bracelet (as always) and someone at work asked me what it was for and I told them and gave them the web page link as well. You have inspired people worldwide and I, like many others, check the blog daily for snippets of information about you, your beautiful princesses, Jan, the family and Belle - how's she settled?

Love from rainy ;-( Wales, Dawn and Glyn x


Hello Chris,

I am also a 31 yr old stage IV colon cancer fighter and have been following your family's story. Yours and your wife's determination has been an inspiration to me.

my website:

Thank you for your updates,



I just wanted to thank you. I recieved the Jennifer Ireland bracelet. It really is fashionable. I still check everyday for an update of some sort. Just to know that you are ok. Your girls are beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job with them. Your wife is smiling down at you. I am sure she is very proud.

Jessica Stevenson


You are a very thoughtful person for trying to help others in your situation. There are alot of people who would not due the same that were in your shoes, for that I praise you. I have looked at the other blogs that you have posted and they to are very touching stories. Have a wonderful weekend and keep doing the wonderful things that you are doing.



P.S. I LOVE the music! It's a very nice touch! (Might have to check out their CD)



Chris you continue to amaze me. It's awesome that you can help bring attention to all these other people who also need our thoughts and prayers! I'm moving home next week so if you need any help with the girls or anything at all I will be around! Have a great weekend! ~Christol


Everyone is sooo young...this is very humbling... Jennifer's blog along with all the others listed have changed me forever...gotta go and love on my kiddos.

Rylina Danley

AMAZING!! That is the only word I can think of. As I check this blog and am always amazed at how strong you are and how selfless you are. You are truly an inspiration to so many. Thank you. I sent this story to Opera but I wish some more people would as well as I am not the writer that you are so I am not sure I got their attention enough! You are truly a gift from God.

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