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I will have to check my calendar, but I am going to try to make the drive to come and participate. I would love to help out in any way that I can! Please keep us all updated and I will mail my check this week.

The weather in cape has been gorgeous this week! I hope it is the same on the other side of Missouri!



I would really like to participate. My husband and I both proudly wear the bracelets and would both like to take part in the crawl! We do not know you personally but have been touched by your story. I'll check back later for the information. Thanks!

Shannon Hutchens


I can't wait! Last year we definitely had a blast! Count me in!!



Hi Chris! I just wanted to let you know that there is another big group of us doing the the pub crawl May 12th. I think that our group of friends are mixed a bit, so maybe we could combine the two groups some way... I will keep watching for more info!


That is awesome! I would love to participate. Keep us posted on details!!

Jenna Hill

I would love to participate...keep us updated with the details! Very cool.


Yay! I'm so excited that I will be able to be there this year that will be awesome if we can wear her colors!!

amy copple

I can't wait! I'm pretty excited- I'll check back for more details later this evening. Have a great da ;)

Janelle & Brandon Roberts

We also have somewhat of a team but we may be joining yours! Keep us posted on the details!

Melissa Taylor

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that I thought of your girls last night while I was at Independence Center doing a little shopping. I walked by Libby Lu...I remember reading not to long ago that someone took them there to enjoy a girly day. Just thought I'd share this story. I think about your family often. Take Care!


Leslie Peterson

What a blast...I can't wait!


Chris - thank you for keeping everyone up to date. Best wishes for success at the Trouser Mouse this weekend.

Oh, I just checked an link posted from a previous message "Calling all Bloggers."

Nate sounds like a courageous guy fighting cancer as a single parent. He seems like someone in need of encouragement...check it out and send him some KC style support.

Amanda True


I plan to join you on May 12. My husband and my brother are also going to participate. Tyler (bro) is going to check with some friend to see if they want to join then I will send out our money. It sounds like a great time!!

Natalie Jones

This sounds like a blast. I remember when you guys went last year...nothing like drinking for a good cause! Wish I could make it!!!

Marcie Mason

This is such a great cause and sounds like a fun way to fundraise and spread word on this disease. My husband and I are gathering some friends to hopefully be able to participate in this crawl for cancer in honor of Jen and others. We will send our info in to you all as soon as we know for sure how many there will be. I am sure this will have a wonderful turn out. I have said in the past I don't personally know you, but I think I remember Jen from a tanning salon I used to go to before I moved. I will happily participate in having some fun for a great cause in honor of a woman who has effected the lives of many people.


Crystal Burnett

I would love to come and participate in honor of Jen but my daughter has a dance competition that day. I'll be thinking about everyone...have a drink or two for me!

Bree Kibler

My team, plus ANOTHER team will be there this year! "We're Still Thirsty" and "We're Still Thirsty, too" :) How would we go about registering for Jennifers fund? We plan on sending our money in monday.....

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