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Hey Chris

Glad that Peighton's arm will be fine and I'm certain that Emma will recover from Belle's scratch too! It's great to know how you are all doing and thanks for linking people that visit this page to the other blogs too. Have a great weekend - the sun's even shining here in Wales today! Love Dawn and Glyn xx


Glad to see life is taking on some structure. I love the fact that Emma wants a cast, too....what a great sister. Take care,
Annie B.

Kristie (Bles) Slinkard

Just checking in on you guys. Glad to hear P is doing fine with the cast. She is such the trooper...just like her mom.
Take care,


Chris, I just found your blog today, and read most of it. I just want to say how very sorry I am that your beautiful wife, Jen was not able to beat this terrible disease. I am a two-time colon cancer survivor and one-time kidney cancer survivor. Not bragging at all, just thankful. But I must say that it is on my mind constantly. With the recent news of Tony Snow's recurring colon cancer, I have once again started searching the internet for answers, and that is how I came across your blog. I have two very good friends who lost their battles with cancer. I admire you for sharing your story with others, and you and your beautiful daughters are in my prayers.


Sad to see little Peighton with her injured arm, but she seems ok with it - aren't children remarkable! Both of your girls are just beautiful and seem to be doing ok. I was pleased to read that you have a nanny that will help give the girls consistency and structure that you are striving so hard to maintain. Knowing that they are good hands will make you more at ease. Know that Grandma Jan is pleased too - those little angels mean so much to her - she only wants the very best for them, just like you. God bless all of you and continue to lead you each day to peace and contenement. You are doing a fantastic job.

Bless you,

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Glad to hear that Peighton is doing well. Children are so amazing and seem to "bounce back" from injuries so quickly! I hope that you and your girls had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. You all remain in my thoughts & prayers daily and I continue to be amazed by your strength.


Alaina surgery! I'm sure Jennifer pulled a few strings to help you guys out there! :)

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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