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Andrea Toney

How exciting that you guys raised that much for your first event! I am sure that there will be many more to come. I am sure that Jen would be not only proud, but honored that you are continuing her courageous fight. There will be many more who will be able to fight a strong fight due to your courage and endurance. Keep on fighting!!! Have a great Tuesday :)



That's great Chris! $4000.....WOW! I am sure is is sooo proud of her family already! I cannot wait to hear about all of the upcoming details of the foundation.

Have a good week!



So wonderful to hear that Sunday's event was such a success. Jen continues to affect all of our lives. What a blessed and giving way to start the spring season. May God continue to guide you and your family.

Peace and love to all of you,


I am so glad that sunday was a success. you and the girls continue to be in my prayers. i am also excited about Jennifer's foundation, seems like things are off to a good start.


Without even knowing you or your wife personally I am sure she is already proud of you.

I look forward to seeing (and maybe eventually participating in) what you do with the foundation.


Melodie Chrisman

It was a blast and I just loved seeing everyone and having a little fun too. It seems so unreal to me sometimes that we don't have Jen physically but boy how she comes to life when we are celebrating her and all she went through. Love is the only word to describe the feeling. You are doing a great job with the girls (Jan too!!!) and handling things that come your way. Count me in for the foundation and all that it will need. Lots of love and support Sugar!!!!!

Lisa K

Chris -- that is great news, but know that you are ALREADY making her proud!!! And you are making your daughter's proud! This is just a big extra!!!! :) Lisa


$4000!! Wow! That is amazing! What a wonderful thing you are doing by setting up this foundation. You are truly remarkable!

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