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Tatum Twyman

Chris, I love the new logo!! I'm sure Jenn would love it as well! Looking forward to Sat.


What a beautiful logo! I love it.


Love the new logo!


The new logo is awesome! Jen would love it!

Amanda True


I love the new logo. It really looks great. How exciting!! Enjoy yourself tonight and I 'll see you Saturday.



I Love the Logo it looks amazing, Chris I just have to tell you that I still look forward to reading your blogs and want to Thank you to continue to let us in to a little part of your daily life! I hope you and the girls still feel all the love and prayers coming your way! Jennie

Paulette Clements

The new logo is a hit!


I really love the new logo! What a beautiful way to present such a great foundation!!! I know Jennifer is extremely proud of you and excited for all the upcoming festivities!!! Enjoy yourself this week and weekend!


Have a great time tonight! I'm sure it will be a huge success!

Sarah Hunter

I love the new logo. Very cute! Have a fun and safe weekend at the crawl. Glad to hear you all are doing so well. Your girls are precious.

Jennifer Teegarden MD

I hope that the event tonight was a huge success for Jen's foundation and that you all had a fabulous time! I am sure Jen is so proud of you and I think what you are doing to help other families is amazing. I love the new logo! It seems to really fit Jen's personality. See you Saturday.



That looks great!!!

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to post on this blog and letting us know how you all are. I don't respond to every post, but I do read them all! With three small kids, I just don't always have time. :( You sound like you are doing wonderfully, for the most part, and I'm so happy about that. Your girls get prettier and prettier with each day. :) Have a happy week!

Peggy Patrick

The new logo is so awesome and I'm sure Jen is proud as can be. What a thoughtful, caring, and loving person you are Chris, you should be so proud. This is going to be such a great foundation and I'm sure that people from all over the world will hear about it. This is such an exiting time right now with all the events that are taking place. Just remember you and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love to the beautiful girls too. Have a safe and fun weekend. Peggy


Hi Chris - the new logo is lovely - very individual and recognisable too. Have a great time at the Crawl today - hope the weather is kind to you all - I will be with you each step of the way - all the way from Wales. Love to you all and to the girls and Belle!

Randy, Shelley, Rachel and Chloe Huskins

Sitting here remembering the two great little blessings I have laying asleep right now, a quite way to start Mothers Day. Today will be a milestone in the Ireland home, your first Mothers Day without Jen physically being with the three of you. We all know she is with you. I pray this morning that Jens memory and spirit stay strong, that years to come its seen in her girls. What a blessing our children are! Kiss them for Jen today! Peace to you all.


The new logo is so Jen. He did a wonderful job bringing out her persoanlity through the logo.

Shelly Heggs

Absolutely LOVE the logo and I get a sense that Jennifer does too!

Think of you all often!
~Shelly and family

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