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For some reason I am at a loss for words today...very rare for me. I guess I am still disappointed about not being able to come this weekend. Hope everyone has a great time both Thursday night and Saturday at the CFC. :)


send some rain down to Florida. we realy need it. ha ha.
anyways, I hope things are going well for you and your family. i am glad to see that you still put things on the blog. you are still in my thoughts and prayers
monica burton

Erin Pilant

I think it's great that you let Emma sleep with you (on special occations) They are only small once, then....they're big and it's like pulling teeth to get some cuddle time.

Yeah, thankfully our basement is dry (our house is on a hill), but some people should be thanking God. My parents are in Florida where there has been NO rain. There are fires and it's destroying peoples entire homes.

Anyway, thanks for updating your blog. I still check several times a week and look forward to seeing how your family is doing?

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