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Thanks Chris!!! I'm so excited that we were able to do this! The group in KC has been amazing and we are hoping for a great turnout!


Yeah! Closer to home and hopefully that weekend will be clear on my calendar! Shelby...let me know if you need any help with anything.

Jennifer Teegarden MD

That is so great that there will be an annual Crawl benefit in St. Louis and that the event will help to benefit Jen's foundation. Hope you are having a great week!




I'm a first time commentor but have read your journey and feel a lot of love for your family and those you support on your blog. Can you add the following blog address to your addresses and give Derek support right now? His lovely wife Sarah just passed this morning from melanoma. I wasn't sure how else to get this message across but I knew you would. Thank you. And bless you and your family. I adore you and your strength from afar.


Tatum Twyman

Chris, That's amazing!!! Keep it going! :)

Lisa Thomas

How exciting ! Congrats to everyone involved ! I just listened to your radio clip on the foundation site. It definatly brought tears to my eyes, but once again, you have amazed me with how strong you truly are. Thank you for keeping this going, for all of us !

Mary Winfrey

Dearest Chris,

What adorable pictures! I can see Jen's beauty and spirit in the delight of their faces.

Thank you for including my little blog site on yours. As a result, I have reconnected with two sorority sisters: one from my class WAY back in the '80s and another whom I've never met from Oklahoma State.

How sad that it takes such tragedy and pain to bring us together, but also how wondrous and healing!

God bless you, the girls, Jan, Bob, and the family. Please let me know when we can play with the girlies sometime!

Much love,



Chris that is awesome I will make sure to let everyone I know out there about the event! I'm sure that the turn out will be wonderful!

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