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Lisa Thomas

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend ! I'm glad you are able to get some golf time in there, as well ! The magnets look great ! Can't wait to see them on the foundation website !


Glad to hear your weekend was great! I love the magnets and can't wait to have one for my car!!! They look awesome! Jennifer is proud...I am sure! Have a great week! God Bless.

monica burton

Hey Chris,
Sounds like a great weekend. I really liked the magnet and it will look great on my car. hope you and the girls have a wonderful week.
Monica Burton


i love the magnet! sounds like your life is going really well! im sure its nice to have a relaxing summer! hope all is well

amy copple

WOW! The magnets look great, can't wait to get one for my car! Glad to here that you & the girls are doing good.

Lisa Thomas


I have to share with you. Ever since I found this website, back in January I have become attached to it. For some reason, I felt a small connection, probably since Jen was so young and had young daughters, like myself, although I only have one. I check the site daily and pray for your family every night. Jen's story and your courage has pushed me to do more, and reach out. I have a conference call on Thursday with the Crawl for Cancer to organize a first ever Crawl in Indianapolis. Today, I went back to January and was reading and looking at some gorgeous pictures of Jen. I suddenly became very warm, and my hands had a tingling sensation. I am MUCH to young for hot flashes. At that moment, 'Angel' by Sarah McLaughlin came on the radio, immediately followed by 'How to Save a Life' by The Fray. I just had to share to you, and to the public how much your family has changed my life in such a positive way. I hope that we can make the Indianapolis Crawl a tradition ! Thank you !

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