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Holly Brown

Hi Chris- We have never met, but i read your blog everyday. It continues to amaze me how much strength and determiniation you have. I have been trying to think of a catchy slogan for you and so far all I have is- "fighting cancer, one family at a time". - this seems somehwhat generic though, so hopefully i am not plagerizing from another organization :) I will keep thinking! Loved the pictures you posted today- those girls are TOO CUTE!!!!

Kristi E.

Holly, that is a good one!

I am thinking about it as well. The pics are darling!!


Just a thought...

The Jennifer Ireland Foundation
Until hope is fulfilled in a cure, we're working together fighting cancer, one family at a time.

Have an wonderful weekend everyone.

Little Angels Mom

My thought ... "We are all a part of one family fighting for a cure for cancer"

My son was in Emma's class at Little Angels and I still check in on the blog many times a week, it's great to see those smiling faces on your girls! -- Take Care!!

Alicia Bailey

Jennifer Ireland's courageous encounter with cancer has led our "crusade for a cure".


i just wanted to leave a couple ideas for the slogan:

1. Trying to find a cure. Trying to help families. Trying for HER.

2. Helping families get thru where we've been. Helping to find a cure for Jen.

i have been checking this blog at least once a day since feb. i grew up in blue springs but never met jen. her story effects me eveyday. i am 28 with a 3 & 2 year old. i can't even come close to imagining going thru what she did with such beauty and grace. she truly is an angel sent to you so you could help other people to deal with it as beautifully as she did thru this foundation. i am amazed at what you have done so far in such a short time and can't wait to see what jen has in the future for you and the girls.

Amanda True

I haven't been able to come up with any of what I call good ideas, but the ones posted are great. I don't know how you will choose. I love creative people. I hope you are able to find one that you will love and feel good about.


"In Jennifer's honor, we are helping families cope with cancer."

Not too creative, but it's a start. :)

The girls looks precious, as always!


Here are a few ideas:

Fighting for a cure. Giving hope to families affected by cancer.

Determined to find a cure. Determined to aid families affected by cancer.

Driven and relentless in the search for a cure. Giving hope and support to families changed by cancer.

Unwavering in our fight for a cure. Passionate in aiding families changed by cancer.

God Bless and hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Cancer can take away so much........let's join together as a family and help give something back.


Just a few slogan ideas...

Helping you and your family fight and find a cure for cancer.
You can fight. We can help.
When cancer fights, so do we. Helping families fight to find a cure.
Lending a hand to you and your family during your fight to find a cure.


Every family has been affected by cancer. Our mission is to change that.



Every family has been affected by cancer. Our goal is to change that.

I think I like "goal" better than "mission"


Supporting you and your family as you search for a cure.

angela danley

My suggestion for a slogan/logo is
to call the grants GIFTS (Giving Individuals and Families True Support)

The Jennifer Ireland Foundation: providing financial grants (GIFTS) for loved ones with cancer for hope for a new tomorrow!

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