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Hey Chris,
Glad to see that things are going well for the foundation and for your family. You guys continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I love the pictures of the girls at the pool. They look like they are having a lot of fun.


Thanks for putting Daughters on the song list. Jen definitely was "good to her daughters," and she knew the deep love I had for her as her mother. And, without a doubt, Emma and Peighton know the love you have for them. They will also know how much their mommy loved them.
You're doing a great job. I admire your strength and courage every single day.
With love,

Erin P

All of your news sounds great. Your two little girls are just precious. You can't help but smile at their pics.

Keep enjoying the summer.....lots more to come.

Erin P. ><>


This was a random fact I read while reading a magazine the other day and it caught my eye...

Drink Coffee for Your Colon:

Drink decaf coffee. A recent study at the Harvard medical school surveyed the tea and coffee consumption of men and women for 18 years and showed that drinking two or more cups of decaf coffee per day can slash colon-cancer risk by 52 percent.

Decaf coffee may have a positive effect on bowel motility. It keeps things moving which is an effect that the caffeine in regular coffee may cancel out.



I have a new (colon cancer) blog and would like to have you come visit.

Also, can you 'replace' my new blog with the one you have listed here(my--journal)?

I will be adding yours web page to mine and I will be talking about Jen and her foundation. I just opened it today so bear with me. :-)

Thx, Chris,



C Baker

Just wanted you to know I still think about you, your girls and your mother in law===I am so glad to see you all seem to be doing great---I know that must make Jen happy.


Hi Chris,
I first learned about Jennifer on 93.3 and have been following ever since. I commend you for the Jennifer Ireland foundation, you've done a great job. I work for a cancer center and never thought is would affect me personally, until recently. We learned this week that my mom's oldest brother has terminal pancreatic cancer. Nothing compares to the loss of your wife and best friend. But just wanted you to know that since that day on the radio, I still think of your family and wish you the best. Your girls are adorable. Thank you for sharing your story for others to have support when they need it the most.


Christine Say


I was just introduced to your blog, by a friend with whom I've recently reconnected. I want to thank you for your posts after Jen's passing.

I am 33 and married a man, at age 27, who was a widower. In the Death and Dying chapter of Psych 101, all focus is on the elderly. Nothing can prepare a person, or that person's future spouse, for losing a spouse at a young age.

Reading your thoughts, from recent months, have finally clued me in to how my husband felt and reacted when he lost his first wife at age 25.

My thoughts and prayers will revolve around you and your girls, as often as possible. Please continue to blog.

Best wishes to you and praise be to God for the strength you find in your faith.

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