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bethany gladhill

(I know you don't know me -- I found your site when my mother was in her final days with colon cancer and you've been a real inspiration to me.)

For the bus, check with Jefferson Lines ( They are a Minnesota family-owned company (but serve your area), and Charlie Zelle is the CEO. Charlie and Julie are wonderful philanthropists -- some of the most generous people I have ever seen.

Good luck!


Good luck with finding a tour bus...looks like you may already have a connection.


Try GEM Transportation, Vandalia Bus Lines, or call the Convention Center or check their website because they always have transportation contacts.

C Baker

I dont know a thing about buses but just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and your girls!!!


I am here is SW (suburb) Michigan! LOL! Let me know the next time you're here and Bill and I will meet you for dinner! :-)

Joyce Smith

Dear Chris,
Over the last week or so, and for many hours today, I have read your blog from the beginning until the day that your angel took her last breath. I want to thank you for moving me to tears, if only for a few minutes. Oddly enough, I struggle with being able to experience the softer emotions of life (and I am not a male!). Your family is so beautiful, and your sharing so deeply touching that you were able to touch in me a realm I am so often unable to experience. Again, thank you. Joyce

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