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gail jones

dear chris, yes, the weekend in cape was so great! we appreciate so much you making the trip. you and the girls, and jan and bob are all so much fun and a joy to be with. i will make sure that frank sends you the pictures we took, if you promise to include the one of you riding the trike on my pre-school's bike trail... love, gail

Sarah Hunter

Those girls just couldn't be any cuter! I'm so happy that everything is going well. I love reading your updates and watching the girls grow up.(so quick) Take care!

Shannon Hutchens


Those pictures are awesome! The girls look older and older every time I see them! I'm glad you guys had a good weekend! See you saturday!



Oh my goodness, I can not believe how big the girls are getting! They are so cute, I just want to grab them and give them big hugs! Glad your weekend in Cape went so well. I am sure the family loved seeing and spending quality time with you, the girls, Jan and Bob! I hope you and the girls have a fabulous week…….

P.S. I know you have heard it time and time again but you are one AWESOME daddy and your babies are sooooo adorable!



Your girls are goregous! I can't believe how much they have grown since I started reading your blog. Hope you're having a good week!

Dee Montee

Dear Chris and Family:
Glad to hear that the summer is going well for all of you. I know that all of Jen's family in Cape were glad to spend some time with all of you. Jen is right by your sides and placing kisses on the cheeks of her sweet little girls. Your messages on the blog let all of us know how you are continuing to heal and surrounding your girls with love and attention.

God bless all of you,


Your girls are so very beautiful!! I love when you post new ones of them! They are such a good combination of you and Jen!

Misty T

Hey Chris i was just thinking the same thing about aug.. the girls are getting soo big. Glad your trip went well. Tim is due home sometime in Jan they all love the bracelets his section all wear them. have a good day!!


I miss you and I never even met you. Joyce


Dear Chris,
Although I've never posted before, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. And even though many have said it before, Jennifer's story is more than touching. I have a young friend who has recently lost her husband to a tragic work accident. I have no idea how to console her as I cannot imagine what she is encountering. She, too has 2 small children and is dealing with her loss every day (it has only been a few weeks). I guess I wanted to tell you that your blog came to mind as a healing tool for her and her family. I have given her the website and hope that your Family's story will be an inspiration for her in this difficult time. Thank you for having the courage to share this with everyone. Your family and your girls are in my thoughts and heart often.


Oh my gosh Chris the girls are getting so big...they are so cute!!! Hope all is well in the Ireland household!

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