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Melodie Chrisman

Hey Chris. Love the picture. I am so glad you are getting some relaxing nights at home. Sounds like the bedtime dance is something to marvel. Ha. I hope your week with the girls and your family this weekend is awesome and I look forward to seeing you soon. Regan misses the girls and wants some more swimming lessons. Ha. Talk to you soon. Lots of Love.


Wow! A nightime dance party. I would love to see that! Have fun in Cape this weekend....maybe we will run into each other.


I can't believe how big those girls are getting. I hope you are taking comfort in routine and that the summer is full of fun firsts for the girls! A


Thanks Chris for the birthday wishes. You said it so perfectly, this birthday, I had a whole new outlook. When you aren't sure if it is your last, you want to live it up! I want to come join the pajama party, sounds like great fun!! Hope to see you soon. shawndra

Dinah Wonderly

Biker chicks, I love it.. They are so cute. dinah

natalie jones

Have fun this weekend! I just got off the phone with mom, who gave me all the details. It sounds like you have a great time ahead of you, and I know everyone in Cape is really excited to see you all. Wish I could be there!!! :-)


Someone sent me the following article that was in the New York times. A young mom battling the maze of cancer treatment while fighting colon cancer. Like Jennifer she was diagnosed shortly after the birth of their daughter.

You are an incredible father-the girls smiles show how much they are loved,

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