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Dawn Thomas

Hi Chris, the new web site looks fantastic - well done to you and all the people that designed the concept. Just checking in from sunny (for once) Wales. You continue to be an inspiration in spreading Jen's story and her legacy throughout the world. I hope that the Golf Tournament is a great success and will be thinking of you. Have a great week. Dawn and Glyn xx

Paulette Clements

Thank you for continuing to update. I do not comment much but I do check the site daily. I went back yesterday to see the first time I posted a comment and it was February 18, 2006. It has become part of my routine to check on you everytime I check e-mails.You have also provided a list of others that need prayers and support. You are an amazing father. God knew the girls would need a strong Daddy. Lots of prayers and blessings being sent your way.
Paulette Clements

C. Baker

It is great to hear how well you and the girls are doing. I am so glad to see that you are going on with your life and making the best of it--

Francis Shanahan

If I were closer I jump at the chance to participate in the tournament. I'm not a terrible golfer but I'm not good either. I will likely break my driver before I break 100.

I think of you and your family often.
God bless,

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