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I am thrilled to see pictures of your darling Em and P! I have missed them so.

Amanda True

Wow, the girls look so much older. It is amazing how much they change in such a small amount of time. The are beautiful. I plan to enter a team for the October 13 Crawl. I loved the last one!!

Dinah Wonderly

Why not have a can of pringles in your hand, I ask you. They are so cute.... Glad school was good first day, many more will come that way...... Much love to all Dinah


Oh my, they are so very cute. And I see more and more of Jen in them as they get older. As others have said, they are really growing up fast. Thanks for the update.


So good to hear from you all again Chris...I wondered how the first day of school would go for Emma...The pics are just darling and it is amazing how much they look like dear Mommy....just beautiful...God is god Chris and I am so glad to hear such upbeat things from you...The road of grief is long and bumpy at times but we must cherish all the memories and good times ahead...Peace be with you and yours With christian and widowed friendship, Jen Miller KC,MO ps Peighton must love those Pringles :)

Tatum Twyman

The girls look adorable!! Glad to hear everything is going so well. -Tatum

Sarah Hunter

Always checking in :)
I'm glad to hear everything is going well!
Your girls are Precious as always ;)

Jennifer Teegarden MD


So glad to read that things are going well with your girls. Emma looks very excited about her first day of school. They are both so beautiful! You are all in my thoughts & prayers daily!


Jenny Althaus

Wow. I can't believe how big the girls are getting. You need to get them into modeling! I haven't seen them in so long... Hope things are going good, can't wait til the golf tournament. I can already tell it is going to be a huge success!!! Have a great week! *Jenny*

Jill Wiggans

I read your entire story is a very touching. I feel like I experienced your entire journey in the course of 6 hours. The highs and the lows. You are very brave and I commend everything that you are doing to keep Jen's memory alive...


Hey Chris- Ella has that exact same bag Emma and Peighton are holding. They are such cute girls. I hope you all are doing well. I saw your friend Dr. Foster this week. He is such an incredible guy!! Thank you for leading us to him! Talk to you soon. Shawndra


Oh my gosh Chris the girls are getting so BIG!! They are adorable! I hope everything is going well. I am glad that Emma likes her second year there, Cayden seems to be enjoying Mrs. Cornick also!!

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